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Avril Lavigne: 12 Evergreen Songs By The Pop Punk Princess

The pop punk princess Avril Lavigne, full name Avril Ramona Lavigne is one of the living legend holding Guinness world record for the youngest female solo artist to top the UK album chart. The badass, passionate, gothic style singer is the lady love we will never forget.

This pop sensation has sold more than 40 million albums and over 50 million singles worldwide making her second best selling Canadian Female Artist of all time, only behind Celine Dion. You surely go girl!!!

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Best of singer, songwriter and of course actress. This multi-talented Canadian singer has always been there from melting you down with her smooth songs to driving you crazy with some kickass songs. Here are the list Avril’s​ top 12 evergreen songs.

Avril Lavigne Songs:

1) Girlfriend (2007)

2) When you’re gone (2007)

3) What the hell (2011)

4) I’m with you (2002)

5) Wish you were here (2011)

6) Sk8ter boi (2002)

7) Smile (2011)

8) Innocence (2007)

9) I Love you (2013)

10) Here’s to never growing up (2013)

11) Give you what you like (2013)

12) My happy ending (2004)

“I know my fans look up to me and that’s why I make my songs so personal; it’s all about things I’ve experienced and things I like or hate. I write for myself and hope that my fans like what I have to say” — Avril Lavigne
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