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Vrinda Dawda: A Sinful Interview With The Sweetest Vrinda Dawda

The popular actress turned business woman Vrinda Dawda first captured our hearts with her acting debut in Dil Dosti Dance. Now she is a married woman and also running her own venture. We got a chance to interact with her and talk about her acting career, current plans and future plans. Take a look at our interview with her.

Our interview with Vrinda Dawda:

Tell us a bit about yourself

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I am crazy but yet I am still moody. I am not much of a party person but if I am in a mood then I’d kill the party. I can dance till I am dead. I am a weird type of crazy.

What have you perceived professionally?

Even I don’t know! So confused. But yeah, I obviously started off with my dance first after that I got into acting and after that I suddenly thought of opening a venture. My own business. And then suddenly I got married, which is again a part of the crazy me. I’ve always gone with the flow of life. I kept on experimenting with my profession and one thing lead to the other. I actually wanted to be an air hostess, I don’t know why for which I did my course so dedicatedly. I used to go everyday. And one day the course was over after which I was like, I don’t want to be an air hostess now. I did the training and all but found it quite boring. I tried that also. Tried so many things in life.

How did you get into acting?

I really don’t know because I had no idea, no clue that I would ever become an actress to be very frank. It just turned out like being a part of my destiny. It clicked for me and it worked. I was very much into dancing and I had no clue about what I am going to do in my life then suddenly this one person comes to me and he’s like you should audition for D3(Dil Dosti Dance) and stuff. And I was like, are you sure? And it all happened at once. First audition and I am in. That was crazy.

Tell us something about your first audition

First audition was not for D3 for that I auditioned only once and I got in. However, I started with the audition for a show on Star Plus which I would not like to mention much. I don’t know why I even did that. After that I thought I should try my luck in acting but I didn’t get any role. They never casted me for anything. I auditioned for so many serials and ads but none of them took me in and I was so disappointed. Then suddenly I get a call for D3 and in my first round I get selected there. And then I turned into a star one day!

From acting to transitioning into your own venture. How did that happen?

This happened after my husband, Bhavin, came into my life. As we say, married women and all have to take care of their family. I am very much of a family person, I love my family as well as his side of the family as well now. It was always like I could not divide my time between acting and family because it is sort of difficult to deal with both the things since acting requires a lot of time. Moreover I can’t even sit idle. Why to sit idle when you think you can do something life? And I feel every girl should be independent and do something of her own in life.

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood, borivali sweetest sin cafe, vrinda dawda husband
Vrinda Dawda with husband Bhavin Image Source: Bollywood Shaadis

That’s how this happened when I realized I could not give much time to my acting but I can do something better. I was very fond of being a creative person. Be it during my wedding or for just creating cakes for my family and stuff. So I thought, let’s try something of my own. And it turned out to be very nice, we recently completed a year just now.

When it comes to acting or being an entrepreneur, how supportive were your families?

Very supportive, let’s talk about my family first. They’ve been very supportive throughout. Let’s start from acting itself. As I said, acting just turned out from nowhere and no one is an actor from my family. No acting background at all. No contacts, nothing. It was all on my own. So they were very proud of me obviously, they are still. I think so. Don’t know. I was never even asked about what audition I am going for. I used to just tell them that I am going for audition after which I used to come back with either good news or bad news. They have been very supportive in terms of that. My mom, dad and my brother have been very close to me in terms of all my decisions as well as my bhabhi.

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood, borivali sweetest sin cafe, vrinda dawda husband, vrinda dawda family
Vrinda Dawda with her family Image Source:

Same goes for my in laws, they have been very supportive in terms of my venture. They keep on asking me if I need any help and often compliment me on my business as well. And of course, I can’t forget to mention my husband. He has been very supportive throughout. Even today, if I get stuck somewhere I blindly get mad at him only. But that’s how it is, right? You always end up fighting with the ones you love only. He takes all my bullshit.

So, have you completely quit acting?

Well I won’t say I’ve quit. I’d say I am still on a break. It’s hardly been 3 months so I have to adjust in a new environment so my in laws can get to know me better so that they can love me as much as I like them and love them in return. It’s always a give and take. If I won’t give that kind of love and affection I won’t get it back in return. So, it’s in that phase right now. And I am quite happy with that because I like the pampering I get from them also, being the new bahu of the house and all. But yeah, sooner or later I might also get back to acting.

Currently who is your motivation?

I’ve always considered my mom and dad my motivation because I have seen them raise us up and give us whatever we wanted. They are my biggest motivation. Every kid learns a lot from their parents itself. They will always continue to be my motivation always. That won’t change.

What makes Sweetest Sin different from others?

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood
Interiors of Vrinda Dawda’s Sweetest Sin

Me! I think I can say that. As well as our interiors too. At least from Borivali to Kandivali, we have the cutest interiors so far. We get that feedback from our customers too. And then second can be, of course, ME! And third can be our food too.

Do you think being a woman entrepreneur or being a woman in acting, how difficult is it for a woman as compared to men?

I don’t think that it’s difficult. Being into acting we’ve always seen the same treatment for girls as it is for guys always. So in that terms I don’t think it is difficult or any differentiation between a girl and a boy. Same goes for business too. If you have the passion, you should do it. Even if you have difficulties you have to compete with them and move on with it rather than sit with it and cry and dwell on it. I’ve had lot of difficulties for running this cafe. It’s not at all an easy job as I had no clue about this. I am doing this solo without any partner, I am the whole and soul of Sweetest Sin. So we have been through a lot of difficulties.

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood, borivali sweetest sin cafe
A cute cycle with flowers inside at Vrinda Dawda’s Sweetest Sin Cafe

We still get a lot of bad reviews on Zomato and that’s kind of sad but my husband tells me it’s okay. There are all kinds of people. Some are going to write good, some will write bad so you have to face that thing. Even if you give you 100% and whole heart there would be someone or the other who won’t like something about your place or something about you. Same thing was in acting as well. I had lot of haters at the start and I am sure not everyone still likes me. Everyone has different opinions and choices and different actors as their favorites so it’s okay. It’s all a part of your life.

How did you come up with the name Sweetest Sin for your cafe?

LOT of Google Search, to be very frank. One thing about this cafe is that we only wanted to start this as a cake shop. That was the whole idea in mind about the whole name. I actually wanted to keep some other name however that was taken by someone so yeah, Sweetest Sin somehow worked.

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood, borivali sweetest sin cafe
Upper space in Vrinda Dawda’s Sweetest Sin cafe

We have a good space so we thought rather than a cake shop we can open a cafe wherein people could have a few bites and spend some time together talking to each other. So that is why we also have a very limited menu as well since it’s not a restaurant.

Who do you think is your biggest competitor?

I don’t think about that, there are many competitors actually. Two three cafes nearby. I don’t compete basically but just look at the reviews on Zomato to check if we are doing good against them. The other competitors have partners and here I am alone, managing it alone.

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood, borivali sweetest sin cafe
Decorative items inside the cafe near the entrance

So I think I am my own competition. If I get a bad review I personally will make sure that it doesn’t happen again and I should be able to get customers everyday.

What is your favorite dish from Sweetest Sin?

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood
A cart in Vrinda Dawda’s Sweetest Sin Cafe

I like everything over here, after all it’s my own cafe. But, I am a big noodle lover so I like the noodles over here. I can dive into noodles whole day.

What is the most loved dish over here?

A cute decorated wall at Vrinda Dawda's Sweetest Sin
A cute decorated wall at Vrinda Dawda’s Sweetest Sin

People love our pizzas a lot. We make our own breads as well. Nothing comes from out. When we go through our sales every month we figure out and see that Pizzas and Nutella Shakes do the best. Somehow the youth love Nutella so much. So yeah, these two items are our best sellers.

What are your future plans with Sweetest Sin?

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood, borivali sweetest sin cafe
Decorative cages at the entrance of Sweetest Sin Cafe

I am looking forward to establish a franchise with Sweetest Sin. I am sure it will take a long time though. But that’s my aim, I really want to take this ahead, especially somewhere in Andheri or Oshiwara because “Bohot chalta hai yaar waha pe“. I really want to put a franchise of this and I hope it turns out that way.

Are the interiors designed by you?

It’s designed by one of my friend, Simoni. But yeah, there was some input of me. Ropes as curtains and drapes. We went together for shopping for this.

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood
Eiffel Tower At Sweetest Sin Cafe

Plus, I am a big fan of Eiffel Tower. All of my fans know this. You can see Eiffel Tower everywhere in my shop.

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood
Shola and Shabnam

However, the major credit goes to my friend Simoni who helped us with the interior.

Any crazy fan story that happened at Sweetest Sin?

There were four girls who kept looking at me and then when I look at them they turn around. And then they keep looking at me and again when I look at them they turn around. So obviously you know that they recognize you but then they don’t know how to ask because they were small kids.

sweetest sin, vrinda dawda, d3, dil dosti dance, bollywood
Happy customers enjoying at Vrinda Dawda’s cafe Sweetest Sin

Then one of them pointed out and starting giggling. To which I responded, “Tell me?” she said, “nothing, nothing”. So I come across such weird and cute kids all the time. And while they leave they somehow gather the courage and come up to me to ask for a photo. And I am like, yeah sure! It’s quite cute to witness all this.

Any message for Tell Me Nothing readers?

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Vrinda Dawda (extreme right) posing with Tell Me Nothing team

It’s a very interesting name firstly. Thank you for considering me and my cafe. For a website that tells you nothing, you made me tell everything. So, yeah. Follow the website and stay tuned for more interviews like this.

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