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Best Places To Eat Seafood In Mumbai

There are three types of foodies we have observed in India – Vegetarians, Non-Vegetarians and Confused Sperms. These confused sperms are someone who claim to be a vegetarian but then eat eggs or lick the chicken or fish gravy. Speaking of non-vegetarian food, there are a major chunk of people who are hardcore seafood lovers. All they can survive on is fish or prawns. Literally! Fish, prawns, crabs, sea-shells, lobsters are a customised paradise on earth for seafood lovers. We’re back with another exciting article about best places to eat seafood in Mumbai, and you must try all of them. You can thank us later.

1. Fresh Catch : Seafood

Where : Mahim

Seafood, sea food, fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters
Image Courtesy : Justdial

A small restaurant located in Mahim that has amazing seafood.It is a place that makes one realize the meaning of value for money. The name though Fresh Catch is totally apt as the catch is always fresh! The Konkan treasure prawns, rechad prawns and sukke are a must try. At nearly 700 for two it is definitely worth it.

2. Chaitanya : Seafood

Where : Shivaji Park

Seafood, sea food, fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters
Image Courtesy : LBB

If home-styled Malvani is being craved for, look nowhere else and head to Chaitanya. A small time place the food is cooked by a housewife whose passion for cooking is her driving force. Mrs. SurekhaWalke’s cooking especially the Bangdatikhale, tisriya masala and crab lollipop will leave you asking for more. The best part about it – it costs you only Rs. 600 for two!

3. Bharat Excellenssea : Seafood

Where : Ballard Estate, Fort

Seafood, sea food, fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters
Image Courtesy : Grabhouse

If the name isn’t inspiring enough, the taste that this place offers is something worth taking note. The seafood is delicious, the service quick and priced surprisingly low. The pullimunchisurmai, fish fry with red masala are the crowd favourite. The cost for two is just a mere Rs. 600.

4. Mahesh Lunch Home : Seafood

Where : Fort and Juhu

Seafood, sea food, fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters
Image Courtesy : Mumbai East West

You haven’t had seafood if you haven’t gorged at Mahesh Lunch Home. Such is the clamour for this place that the place is never short on popularity quotient. At a totally worth Rs. 2000 for 2, this place will make you keep coming back solely due to the taste. The prawn gassi and tandoori pomfret are loved by one and all!

5. Goa Portuguesa : Seafood

Where : Mahim

Seafood, sea food, fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters
Image Courtesy : Dineout

No seafood restaurant list can be complete without the mention of Goa Portuguesa. The place simply has brought Goa to Mumbai gastronomically speaking. The place has been recognized by the Government of Goa for the cuisine it serves and it has got mention in various international magazines. The prawn-curry rice and the Portuguese Galinha cafreal are the highlights of this place. The ambience totally energizes everyone who visits Goa Portuguesa. A meal for two would cost roughly around Rs. 1800.

6. Farmhouse : Seafood

Where : Vasai

Seafood, sea food, fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters
Image Courtesy : Dineout

Beautiful restaurant located in Vasai Village (Vasai Gaon), it has such a goan feel to it. The ambience is so serene and calm that the place will blow your mind and you will immediately realise that this place is more than just a restaurant. If you are a seafood lover, this is the place to be. The squid, the pomfret tawa fried, malvani rawas curry is a must try. This place everything to perfection and it costs just Rs. 900 for two.

7. Gajalee : Seafood

Where : Vile Parle

Seafood, sea food, fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters
Image Courtesy : TripAdvisor

Scoring consistently on delivering top notch seafood is Gajalee. There are various branches of Gajalee, but the Vile Parle outlet (original) stands out. The tandoori crab is their trademark dish which is a must try. If you include the crab, Gajalee will set you back by Rs. 1200 per head else Rs. 800 per person should suffice. The interesting part is, they show you a lobster before preparing and that is what exactly they cook, if approved by you.

Hungry already? Go, try all these paradise on earth to satisfy your foodgasms. Want to add more on the list? Mention the name of your favourite seafood restaurant in the comment section below and we shall mention the same, giving you the entire credits.

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