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5 Hits from Ariana Grande’s New Album – ‘Dangerous Woman’

Ariana Grande’s latest album, ‘Dangerous Woman’, has became a sensation in the singing world. Dangerous Woman is a pop and R&B album which hits the right cords in your ears and brain and also emphasizes about a woman’s fantasies. Grande has many of us go gaga over her with her wild but cute looks. We are still figuring out how her songs are too hot to handle but at the same time have an iota of innocence. She sure has become every guy’s fantasy with her image of  ‘being a little girl but having a loud voice’. And did you know her real name? – ‘Ariana Grande-Butera’.

Here are some of hit songs by Ariana Grande from her latest album that you should checkout now, if you haven’t yet.

1. Everyday

Sung along with Future, this song conveys that love doesn’t judge – it is for all – be it a fat person, a gay, or an aged couple.

2. Side to Side

Featuring Nicki Minaj, it is a track we can surely tune in to while hitting the gym. 😉

3. Into You

Go ahead and sing this catchy song to your boyfriend to tell him how much you are ‘into him’, love him and need him. Ahem! 😏

4. Dangerous Woman

This song is all about the fact that a women too has fantasies and surely doesn’t need permissions to test her own limits, if she wants to fulfill them. So, let’s have a open mind towards this and dance along.

5. Let Me Love You

Sung with and featuring Lil Wayne, the lyrics emphasize that a breakup is not the end of the world – just sit back and chill cause you needn’t worry. Boys will come and go, girl and the next will be the better than the ex – actually the best. You can sure hum along this song while chilling with your girlfriends on a night out or while driving. 😙

But one thing is for sure, Ariana Grande is one of a kind – a badass dangerous woman

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