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Laughter Is Contagious: The Power Of Laughter

Happiness and laughter go hand-in-hand. And one JUST cannot live without being happy. As an emotion, it is one of the greatest blessings to humans. Laughter=Happiness.

You laugh, people around you automatically start to smile and feel better. Laughter lightens the mood around you and everybody feels a good-vibe energy flowing all around. It’s a powerful emotion.

Image Source: UncleJI
Image Source: Uncle Ji

That picture makes you happy? At least a sweet smile. This is how contagious laughter and happiness both can be. And, Yes, It is the best medicine..THE BEST ONE. There are many occasions we laugh on and are happy about.

  • A joke.
  • On the situations like … teacher scolding one kid, and the whole group laughing.
  • Our pets doing fun.
  • Favourite songs playing in pubs, public and our own sound systems.
  • Our own embarrassing situations.
  • Siblings, cousins and their fun stories and incidents… and the list is infinite.
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Image source: pinterest

Think of things that make you happy. Any? Yes, these are the best things that happen in your life and yes, you feel really happy about them. Have you laughed about them lately? Do it. Yes you slipped in public and had people laughing at you. Just agree that you too have had a good laugh on such situations. This is just a feeling that can cloud up in anybody. It’s natural, normal. Two people laughing together create a good bond for the moment, strongest of all material bonds.

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Image source: the conversation

Laughing does increase your blood and whatever may the situation be, if you are laughing, you are sure to feel healthy and light. Bring upon the morning sunshine. Make yourselves and others happy. Laugh with them..cry with them. Do whatever, never be upset. Want to smile, but cant? Look at yourself in the mirror..try to smile..wider. A good feeling will well up. And YOU, every one of you looks beautiful while laughing. AMAZING.

Encourage laughter. Make memories that are unforgettable. Go deeply insane Laughing.

Deepra Gagneja
Deepra is extremely talented and dedicated writer who loves to write about anything random under the Sun!

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