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Microsoft: 10 Amazing Facts About The Software Giant You Probably Didn’t Know

Microsoft has revolutionized the world with it’s Operating System, Windows. It has also turned many people into billionaires including it’s co-founders Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer. Here are some interesting facts about this company that you might not know.

1. The largest stake in Microsoft of 3% is owned by it’s founder Bill Gates

bill gates, self made billionaires, microsoft
Image Source: The New York Times

2. The company has over 110,000+ employees worldwide

3. The name “Microsoft” is a combination of two words “microprocessors” and “software”

4. The sound of Microsoft was composed by Brian Eno

5. Favorite food choice in the company’s campus is Pizza!

6. The average salary of an employee in the company is around $106,000

7. The company was accused of being a monopoly and a case was filed “United States Vs. Microsoft”

bill gates, microsoft, united states vs microsoft corp, bill, gates, gates foundation, steve ballmer, paul allen
Image Source: World News

8. More than 10,000+ patents are owned by the company

9. Employees of the company are popularly known as “Softies”

10. The company has a massive art collection of over 5,000 art pieces

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