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GTA San Andreas: 10 Interesting Facts About The Open World Game

GTA San Andreas is one of the best games in the GTA Series. The massive open world created by Rockstar Games has a huge fan following of it’s own. Here are some interesting facts about GTA San Andreas which every GTA fan must know.

1. GTA San Andreas got into a controversy because of it’s hot coffee mod and faced a lot of negative publicity because of it

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2. The game engine used for development of San Andreas is RenderWare

3. Each of the city in the game is based on real life locations. Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, Las Venturas is based on Las Vegas and San Fierro is based on San Francisco

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4. The tallest mountain in the game is Mount Chilliad which is 800 m high

5. Over 27.5 million copies of the game have been sold till date

6. Area 69 is based on the real life controversial location Area-51

7. The sign near San Fierro bridge contains all the technical information about the bridge including the file size and polygon count

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8. It is the only game in the series which your character can build body

9. There are over 200+ vehicles in the game

10. You have a huge variety of clothes to choose from in the game

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