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Journey Of A YouTube Video: How Does Video Streaming Work

We spend countless number of hours watching senseless cat videos on YouTube. But have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes? We bring to you the journey of a YouTube video and how it reaches your computer from a YouTuber.

How Does A YouTube Video Work?

1. Someone uploads a YouTube video

Image Source: The Muse

2. The video gets distributed across various servers throughout the world

youtube video, journey of youtube video
Image Source: Total Pro Sports

3. After you click on a video, the nearest server to you starts transmitting the data to your internet service provider (ISP)

youtube video
Image Source: Storypedia

4. Based on your ISP’s performance, the video gets delivered to your computer

pizza delivery, youtube video
Image Source: Vomzi

5. If there is a huge amount of traffic congestion, you experience a blurry video

glitch video, youtube video
Image Source: Flickr

This is how a YouTube video reaches you! Isn’t that interesting? If you want to learn more about the technicalities you can visit Google’s official website to know more about this. Here’s the link for that:

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