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Sachin A Billion Dreams Movie Teaser – The Story Of Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar

Leave everything aside that you’re doing right now and focus on this. I literally mean everything – having sex or committing suicide or eating or drinking or getting a call from nature, just keep everything aside, because nothing is as important as this. The most awaited movie teaser of the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar – ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ is finally out, and this is something that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Have a look.

All you atheists out there, God does exist and this movie is one helluva proof. Our childhood memories will be right in front of our eyes in form of a movie. God of Cricket will be hitting theatres on 26th of May, 2017 and will be releasing in five different languages – Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. We are equally excited as you. We can imagine the reaction of audiences in theatres, hooting and whistling. I just can’t wait to hear and hoot “Sachin…Sachin” once again. Surprise element in this movie is our former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni gives a small statement for the legend. There won’t be a single show which is not going to be house full. Such movies certainly deserve to be in a 100 crore club. Seeing that jersey numbered 10, sure makes all of us nostalgic. Want to relive Tendulkar’s farewell speech? There you go.

Tendulkar, you’re probably the only reason why many of us started watching cricket. No one can replace you. You are and always will be God of Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar – We love you! #200NotOut.

Sachin A Billion Dreams
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Sachin Tendulkar – 200 Not Out

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