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This is how the sky above us will look 4 billion years later

Have you ever wondered what will happen after you are no longer alive? The enormous amount of events you will miss out on? Then of course, that applies only if you are mortal. Immortal people can skip this post. There’s a really interesting phenomenon that will be happening 4 billion years later.

4 billion years from now our galaxy, The Milky Way, is going to collide with the our nearest galaxy, The Andromeda Galaxy. This collision between the two galaxies is predicted to be the most harmonious collisions with chances of almost no destruction in the respective galaxies regardless of the collision. And if our Earth exists till then and if you are immortal, you will get to see the most beautiful sightings ever in the sky. Take a look at this.

Here’s how the sky above us will look 4 billion years later:

4 billion years later, andromeda galaxy, milky way
Image Source: National Geographic Phenomenon

So, if you are immortal then get excited! You just have to wait for the next 4 billion years to witness this. Or if you are a time traveler then you can take a leap in time right now. Do post your pictures on Instagram so we can see them. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing

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