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Best Sights For Skydiving In The World

Skydiving is one of the most thrilling activity you can go for if you love even the idea of FREEDOM. Best feelings of the world are flying and floating up in the sky. Some of the best sights to go to in your vacations are listed below. Give that a read, a must try thing.

1. Wailau, Hawaii – Skydiving Locations

Skydiving, Skydiving in Hawaii
Image Source: Skydive Hawaii

Flying above the clouds and falling through the Hawaiian skies is an adventure you will always remember and treasure. Falling from above the beautiful coastline of Hawaii’s North Shore is a sure thrill and delight.

2. Key West, U.S.A.

Skydiving, Florida keys, Keywest Skydiving
Image Source: All hat no cattle

Experience the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, the Florida reefs, Gulf of Mexico, and the Florida keys.

5. Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest skydiving
Image Source: everest-skydive

A leap from the highest peak in the world needs a daredevil heart. These are the highest and most scenic, courtesy the views of the mighty Himalayas. Crave for a high adrenaline rush? This is the place for you.

4. From the Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Fox glacier skydiving
Image Source: skydivefox

With a backdrop of the Southern alps, glaciers, and the ocean, Fox glacier is the most amazing place to jump out of a plane.

5. Victoria Falls Livingstone, Zambia

Image Source: infohubspot
Image Source: infohubspot

Sky diving in Victoria falls, over the Zambezi river, can become a lifetime experience for any diver. This is a spectacular drop zone with an indescribable panorama for the divers.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

skydive capetown
Image Source: skydivecapetown

Go whisked from the Cape Town city centre to drop zone in South Africa’s tourism capital, boasting of best views in the world from altitude.

7. Empuriabrava, Spain

skydive empuriabrava
Image Source: skydiveempuriabrava

Go to the world’s one of the best skydiving places and feel that windy gush wrapping around your body.

We all float and can feel it. We are all intensely alive. Let go of your worries, pack and FLY.
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