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Girish Gogia: Meet The Positive Man Of India

In our day-to-day lives, we smile less and stress more. We stress over silliest things like traffic or pimples. However, the fact is, every problem is actually not a problem. Every problem has a solution. And the solution is you. Solely you. Wondering why are we in a motivational mood today? That is because we met and had a fabulous interaction with someone who is known as The Positive Man Of India – Mr. Girish Gogia. Girish is 90% physically disabled. he is neck-down paralysed since past 17 years, and despite of all the challenges that life has thrown at him, he has accepted them, overcame them and conquered a beautiful thing called life. All we do is complain on smallest of the things and make an issue out of nothing. Do you really wish to understand the true meaning of life? Here we’re to help you again. Read and see our exclusive interaction with The Positive Man Of India – Girish Gogia, and we’re sure that you’ll feel an optimistic change in yourself.

Have a look at our interview with Girish Gogia

The Most Positive Man Of India - Girish Gogia
The Positive Man Of India – Girish Gogia

1. Tell us something about yourself that the world is not familiar with

What the world is actually not familiar with is their own hidden potential. When it comes to me, even after being a neck-down paralysed for 17 straight years, what keeps me motivated to live a highly potential life is just because I have the power to touch that untouched potential in others and make them realise what they’re capable to do.

2. What have you done professionally?

Girish Gogia The Positive Man
Girish Gogia The Positive Man

I have pursued my Civil Engineering, but that never interested me. So, I went ahead and started my Interior Designing. I have completed 55 projects in all. Even after my accident, I did not stop. I took up 15 projects post the accident and completed them religiously. I haven’t done any course for Interior Designing, because I believe art and creativity cannot be taught, but is meant to be felt.

3. What was your motivation behind becoming a Motivational speaker?

A number of things. We all have a purpose in life. As a teenager, I had literally no purpose. All I knew that I wanted to be rich, wear best of the clothes. But some 20 years ago, I realised life is not only about materialistic things. The revolutionary people such as Mother Teressa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and many more have always inspired me.

4. How do you know Shilpi Dey?

Shilpi, I know her through a common source. I don’t really remember through whom, but she had come to help me with my scripts and that is how I got to know her. She is a beautiful soul.

5. What are the trivial problems that you face while addressing a particular set of audience?

Girish Gogia The Positive Man
Girish Gogia The Positive Man

A lot of people ask me many questions regarding their sufferings, pain and many more. But what I find common in all of them is, they’re pessimistic about their lives and they still are stuck to their past. All I advice them is to look forward in life. To sum it up, the most common problem that I came across is people complain a lot. They’re more worried about a scratch on their car than a scratch on themselves.

6. What are the major topics of your speeches?

There are 6 topics that I speak mostly on. One of my personal favourites is something that I call DNA ON FIRE. The idea behind this topic is that no matter where you come from, what have you studied or where have you studied from, but if you lack that fire within you, I’m sorry to say, your degrees are not going to take you higher or they’re not going to help you much.

7. Who is your motivation or inspiration?

As I mentioned earlier, I am really inspired by these leading speakers like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Narendra Modi, Barack Obama and many more. The way they make a difference in others life, they way they are aware of their hidden potential is what inspires me.

8. What is the best compliment that you’ve received that keeps you driven?

Girish Gogia The Positive Man
Girish Gogia The Positive Man

I receive a lot of gratitude and kindness from the audience I address to. I remember there was an event where I was being felicitated with an award called The Positive Real Life Hero Awards and Hritik Roshan was the chief guest over there. He was going through his divorce phase and i had conducted a small activity out there and he got so charged. He said “You have changed my perspective towards life.” That probably is one of the best compliments for me.

9. Any message for the readers of Tell Me Nothing?

Lot of messages. But to be precise, don’t underestimate yourselves. Unleash that hidden potential within you. Who says you’re not a billionaire? You already are, as you have a hundred billion neurones, which has unlimited potential. Believe in yourself. Never ever give up.

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