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How To Sell Your Uncle On Ebay – Funny Video

Have you ever wondered why don’t these e-commerce sites come up with an option of selling or purchasing humans? I mean, think about it. Wouldn’t it be so cool to sell off your siblings whenever they seem to be a pain in your ass? Oh wait! That means you have to literally sell them off, because they always are a pain in ass. You could also trade your sibling with someone else’s, who you think is more cooler and would actually listen and follow all your orders. Bored of your gossip Aunts? Sell them off on Ebay. Sharma Uncle’s son is again a reason for you being screwed? Olx pe bech de. It would be so much better if we could trade humans for dogs, wouldn’t it? Well, there has been a case in reality, where a girl literally posted an advertisement on Ebay to sell her uncle for $4 in a village of Africa. No kidding at all. You don’t believe me? See it yourself in the funny video below. If you’ve had a rough day, this is exactly what you need.

Check out this funny video:

It is still an unsolved mystery whether anyone purchased Uncle Mark Angel or he remained unsold. We had a roller coaster ride of laughter while watching this funny video. Kids, please do not be inspired by Uncle Mark Angel and end up writing such essays, ever. Another lesson that we’ve learnt from this video – Never ask for help from your uncles. Those potato couches are highly capable and responsible for your termination from schools or colleges. Such people should be DISOWNED and SOLD!

Funny Video
Image Courtesy : Rebloggy

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