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Cartoon Shows: 6 Nostalgic Childhood Memories

We’ve spent amazing time watching our favourite cartoon shows on television. Unknowingly, we used to create a whole new fantasy world around us while watching these shows. Best of life and hence, the best of happiness. CARTOONS. Let’s recall and relate to the populous and all time favourite Cartoon shows we all loved watching on TV.

1. Johnny Bravo – Cartoon Shows

Johnny Bravo
Image Source: Hanna-Barbera Wiki

Famous for his masculinity and boorish nature with ever heart-winning, pompadour hairstyle, Johnny Bravo was one of the best of the Cartoon Network. The dimwitted- self proclaimed womanizer could never get women to date him and instead series of event happening for the wholesome enjoyment. We still love his shape though.

2. Mickey Mouse


Mickey mouse
Image source: The Parody Wiki

The official mascot of The Walt Disney Company has inscribed impressions in our minds, so much that we are still crazy about him and his girlfriend – Minnie Mouse, his pet dog- Pluto, and his friends – Donald Duck and Goofy. He is flawed but adventurous hero. Disneyland is always a craze for new buds and even those who are still finding an opportunity to go there. All thanks to mickey mouse, we love Disney even more.

3. Oswald

Image source: YouTube

Most adorable cartoon with the sweetest of personalities around. He lives in a big city and the show centers around his life experiences with his friends, relatives and people around the city. We can never stop adoring him and his little pet hot dog Weenie. My love towards piano grew after watching this show. This blue octopus has won hearts and we miss you Oswald.

4. Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry
Image source: Pinterest

Still prevailing on TV channels, this show is the favourite of all newbies and oldies as it has been with us since 1940s. There is a special place for this show in our hearts, and we agree that it is the best mouse-cat chase race ever!

5. Shinchan

Image source: Cool Wallpaper-blogger

Shinchan – A boy full of mischief and self-obsession, jarred with humour and lovely plots, this TV show has been the most entertaining and we enjoy it till date. “Meri itni bhi tareef mat karo“.

5. Pokemon

Pokemon, Pikachu , Ash
Image source: The Geek Lyfe

In the amidst of fantasy world, the Pokemon fights and trainings made us enjoy the show as if we are experiencing it in real life. We surely have loved this show very much and were quite crazy in the initials of Pokemon Go too. It has been an amazing memory down the lane.

6. Mr. Bean – The Animated Series

Mr. Bean The animated series, cartoon shows
Image source: British Comedy Guide

Mr. Bean in the animated series was cute enough to make us watch it with loads of laughter and fun moments in the show. The animated version of real life Mr. Bean – Rowan Atkinson – We love you sir. Respect to him that we could enjoy such an amazing show which cold never fail to entertain us. Amusement with teddy love and his own life, we whole heartedly love it all.

Let us sit back and remember how awesome our childhood was, and for some it still is because of these shows. There are many more on the list. Let us cherish the happiness these gave us and for a moment smile for it.
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