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When You Wont Get Water In The House For A Week (Supply Cut).

When the water supply in the whole colony/society is cut down for one or other purposes, the hustle and trouble faced by the bearers of the smash is full of craft and adventure. This cut may happen for various reasons including the tank not filled, or water actually cut off! Some might have faced, some would enjoy.

1. All soapy in the shower…And suddenly, no drop to see.

Source: Tenor

The lather queen/king you might feel of yourself while having a good bath, and suddenly you realize that there’s no water available at your doorstep.  And there’s mom neither at your rescue.

(Water would say, “NO NO.. NO MORE WASH SWEETY“)

2. Common water tankers- Gupshup joints.

No worries, you are still provided with a common water tanker which serves to level 1000s of empty buckets. Strangers get to know each other and tend to create acquaintances and relations. Men would leave no opportunity go wasted to help women around there. Great fun and enthusiasm prevails.


3. Decide fight.

Source: giphy
Source: giphy

The family members surely fight on who would go next to fill the buckets from that tank downstairs. 1st day- *I wont* .  2nd day-  *Nobody agrees* .  3rd day- *I would go* *Everybody agrees* because no water means no bathe, wash, brush, poop!

4. Minimal use of water (because even a drop is very precious).

Source: giphy
Source: giphy

You tend to forget how running water from the taps of your house used to feel and mom would yell not to throw away unnecessarily.

5. Poop troubles.

Water, water cuts
Source: Tenor

Believe me, I am going to tell you the best way to handle excreta when there’s no water around! How do we do? “We sit and do” LOL .. Well then sit and do it in a polythene bag (preferably black) and tie its knot tight enough. Pick the blackey love up and throw it out of the balcony over an enemy’s car. This is the best you can do to take revenge, hah! Well when you have no option, but you have to dump your own shit somewhere, I hope this comes handy.

Have fun.. days of this kind are impossible to forget i tell you.

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