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A Short Film On Pratyusha Banerjee

This is not a season of summers. It feels more like a season of suicides. Be it a common man or a celebrity, depression is one of the reasons why people kill themselves. In such an inhuman world where nobody has time to listen to you, there is certainly some humanity left. Bigg Boss fame, Kamya Panjabi has taken this lovely initiative of making a short film on our dear Anandi – Late Pratyusha Banerjee, in which she has highlighted the real reason behind her suicide. This also highlights about her alleged boyfriend Rahul and how their relationship, that went for a toss, had highly affected Pratyusha Banerjee. Do watch it till the end.

This film, apparently was Pratyusha Banerjee’s last movie. My dear friends, please understand on thing – Death is not the solution to each and every problem of yours. There are people who have lost everything, but still are living with the fact that they’re blessed to have a life. Talk about your problems to people. At least someone will have a solution to it. Try taking help from anyone and everyone. Humanity, goodness and love still exists in this world. Life’s beautiful. Do not end it for some stupid reason. The world might mean nothing to you, but for someone, you’re their world. We’d like to thank Kamya Panjabi for this lovely initiative to pass on such a wonderful message. This is one such case that was covered by media because of Banerjee’s fame. However, there are many such cases where individuals are fighting through depression and are literally helpless. They cannot or are not able to talk to anyone, due to whatsoever reasons. Please do not ignore any of your dear ones who are not acting normal. Ask them twice, thrice or any number of times.

Image Courtesy : Bollywood Life Pratyusha Banerjee With Kamya Panjabi
Image Courtesy : Bollywood Life
Pratyusha Banerjee With Kamya Panjabi

May your soul Rest In Peace Pratyusha. We love you and we miss you. You can do your bit by spreading this message to save a life – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline : Call 1800 273 8255. Its okay not to be okay. #HumKuchKehNaaSake

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