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6 Gamers Who Died While Playing Games

Gaming is a religion in itself. We, as gamers, share a certain code among ourselves that connects us to each other on a deeper level. However, sometimes this passion can be dangerous and in extremely rare cases may even lead to death. This post is dedicated as a mark of respect to fellow gamers who died while gaming.

1. Brian Vigneault playing World Of Tanks – Gamers Who Died

Brian Vigneault, Gamers Who Died, World Of Tanks
Image Source: South China Morning Post

While streaming War Of Tanks for nearly 24 hours and consuming energy drinks for over 5 hours, Brian had a massive heart attack and died after he went for a smoke break.

2. Chuang playing Diablo III – Gamers Who Died

Chuang, Taiwanese Gamer, chuang diablo 3, diablo iii
Image Source: 24 Chronic News

Taiwanese gamer Chuang died after a continuous 40 hour stream of Diablo III in July 2012.

3. Jeff Dailey and Peter Burkowski while playing Berserk – Gamers Who Died

Jeff Dailey, Peter Burkowski, Berserk, gamers who died
Image Source:

These players tried to score a massive high score but in 1981 after scoring over 16,660 and beating his personal best, Dailey collapsed and soon was pronounced dead at the age of just 19. Peter died under similar circumstances in less than a year later after this incident.

4. Chris Staniforth while playing Halo – Gamers Who Died

Chris Staniforth, Halo, Gamers who died
Image Source:

During one mission Chris suffered a blood clot from his legs to lungs and died instantly.

5. Jennifer Strange while playing in a contest – Gamers Who Died

jennifer strange, wee, wii, contest, jennifer strange death, gamers who died
Image Source: ABC News

After participating in a contest titled “Hold Your Wee For A Wii”, this 28 year old mother of three from Sacremento, California died after she drank over two gallons of water and refused to urinate in hopes of winning a Nintendo Wii

We hope that these gamers respawned in heaven. May their souls rest in peace. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me Nothing

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