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Navratri: Food Feels In Navratri Days

God lies in thy heart, thy soul.

The adorned multi-day festival of Bharat, NAVRATRI, is the most known and delighfully enjoyed and practised fest. And being the navratri time, I realised that most people being religiously inclined, follow the customs of fasting (which in a way, is good, as it allows us to get away from our routine diet and give our body system some surprise with food changes).

But coming with the disheartening fact that many of our vegetables get neglected when its navratri time. In lieu of the feelings of our beloved veggies (without which, regular Indian diet is impossible)… here’s a quick dip into their hearts!! 😀

1. ONION paaji! 

Grumpy onion is the most essential ingredient for tasty peppy food items, but navratri time is a big headache for these as people wont buy them. Even if so mad as by  looks. We all would still love them.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

2. CABBAGE nanny 

The lovely nanny, our only cabbage, THE best dressing to every Indian burger, sandwich and salad. Oooh.. look at that face though! Well, it is in tops in routine, and see now, nobody is going to buy it! Such a pain, hah! Next time you get veggies home, its gonna bite you and abuse you , and never keep them together in refrigerator from now on. #Enimyfurevor!

Source: Dreamstime


Oh, the sweetest pepper and this is what we do to the poor thing (Imagine a bell pepper/capsicum sobbing). Well yes, hari se laal hogayi voh! ab to khareed lo koi?! Dont do that if you are fasting though.

Source: istockphoto

4. BRINJAL uncle, too furious!

Do not dare to mess with our eggplant boy in this span of such days as he is not getting his love of life because the vendor has put her (the lady finger) so far away on the stall! You just wont get this struggle!!

Source: 123rf
Source: 123rf


Well, I must say, the confidence that this “lady” holds up straight is remarkable and inspiring. And that all of us, are great in our own ways, and love ourselves. Kuch seekho in madam ji se! 

Source: Shutterstock

6. Eggs in Navratri!

HAAYEEEE! Nonveg gets a big shut when it comes to navratri rules and Indian parents, a sure thing that NO NON VEG for these days. Sad and bad.

Top view of cartoon sunny side up egg, golden yolk on the center surrounded by set egg whites, black border on the edge with furious expression on face, eyebrows and eyes sloped down almost squinted, biting lower lip forcefully with four teeth, a bruise on the upper left part of yolk head
Source: Pinterest

This no non veg thing is as frustrating as these half-fried eggs themselves are.

(Cute though!)



Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Anyhow, we still love fasting and carrying out religious beliefs with zeal and love. Well, all of this brings us closer and we grow humble towards each other, our traditions, our roots and ourselves.

After all of these, many of us have been fasting, so lets have a look at potato themselves! Also, a perfect and befitting reply to all the other veggies…..POTATE!

Source: funnymeme



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