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Doctor Who Spin-Offs: Because We Simply Can’t Get Enough Of Doctor Who!

The British sci-fi and everyone’s beloved TV series Doctor Who has left it’s mark in the TV genre and entertained almost more than half a century of audiences with The Doctor’s crazy time travel adventures and companion stories. Here are 7 Doctor Who Spin-Offs which were made possible only because of Doctor Who!

1. Torchwood – Doctor Who Spin-Offs

torchwood, doctor who spin-offs
Image Source: Anibundel

Torchwood was an awesome spin-off on Captain Jack Harness which ran from 2006 to 2011. It was written by Russel T Davis and Catherine Tregenna.

2. The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who Spin-Offs
Image Source: Wikipedia

Who doesn’t love Sarah Jane? This show was a kid friendly show starring the beloved Sarah Jane as she uses some highly advanced technology to keep Earth safe from extra terrestrial threats.

3. Doctor Who Confidential

Doctor Who Confidential,Doctor Who Spin-Offs
Image Source: Wikipedia

This was kind of a documentary show uncovering the secrets behind the scenes of Doctor Who

4. K-9

K-9, Doctor Who Spin-Offs
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A show for the fans of our beloved computerized canine from The Doctor Who series who first appeared in 1977 in the show.

5. Doctor Who Extra

Doctor Who Extra, Doctor Who Spin-Offs
Image Source: BBC

Yet another documentary by the BBC on the long running show Doctor Who.

6. K-9 And Company

K-9 and company, Doctor Who Spin-Offs
Image Source: Doctor Who Collectors Wiki

K-9 and Company was a proposed television spin-off of the original programme run of Doctor Who (1963–1989) which is a precursor to The Sarah Jane Adventures.

7. Totally Doctor Who

Totally Doctor Who, Doctor Who Spin-Offs
Image Source: TARDIS Wikia

This is a children’s television series produced by the BBC that was originally broadcast between 13 April 2006 and 29 June 2007, accompanying the second and third revived series of Doctor Who.

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