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A Bare-Assed Short Film – Naked

How many of us term ourselves as ‘Workaholic?’ I bet almost everyone of us. When it comes to work, we even sideline our most important things or people. Be it a corporate job or a business, work, in this generation, has become a priority more than a necessity. In such a workaholic generation, film industry is something that never fails to attract any human. People are extremely fascinated by the film stars’ lifestyles or their professions or the perks they enjoy or especially, their fame and fan base that they’ve created. The literal hooting of common public for their favourite movie star is not at all uncommon these days. But ever given a thought that people catering in this industry also have to struggle as hard as a common man struggling during his / her initial days of a corporate job or businesses. They work equally hard and barter their talent for money and fame. For them, their acting, movies, promotions, ad films, short films or any work of such sort is a religion. They religiously stand upto their commitment. Even if you term them as director’s slaves or producer’s ass-licker, the fact is not going to change that entering into this industry was their own choice. So why not respect them? Why such a discussion? It is because we would like to bring to your notice this outstanding short film which highlights a life of an actor, who is doing nothing but what her work demands from her. A short film named Naked, featuring Kalki Koechlin and Ritabhari Chakraborthy is something you must watch, without being judgemental.

Kalki, known for doing bold films like ‘Margarita With A Straw’, I believe, was the perfect choice to enact such a script. Ritabhari,on the other hand, has done equal justice to her character in this short film- Naked. It is with their own consent that an actor chooses to do any sort of roles or movies. Their job is to entertain us and our job is to enjoy their work. Even if the judgemental jerk within you suddenly springs the hell out of nowhere, use that to judge them for their work done in the specific movie, and not about their personal lives.

Reacho Short Film - Naked
Image Courtesy : Reacho
Short Film – Naked


Way to go, ladies. Kalki and Ritabhari, a splendid job done. Script writer, Tanya Bhattacharya has very well written the script, which has been executed equally well. Let’s focus on making our minds Naked. And not our bodies.

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