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A Short Film On Transgenders By Vicks

In Asia’s fastest city like Mumbai, no one has even a minute to spare for our near and dear ones. How can we expect to shell out some time for an unknown person. Nowadays, people adopt animals and humans who genuinely need an immune shelter are royally ignored. Our education teaches us that there are only two types of genders – Male and female. But what about a person who is living a life of both the genders in one body? What is their fault that our society is not ready to accept them? Why are they only left to beg on the streets and in the local trains? Why do we term them as ‘Hijra’ or ‘Chakka’ and not ‘Transgenders’ or a ‘Eunuch’ with respect? Being born in such a way wasn’t into their control, either.

This amazing short film on Transgenders by Vicks is a stupendous initiative by the medicine company to highlight the transgender rights and show they are equally like us, normal humans who carry out normal humanly activities in their day-to-day lives. Watch it till the end.

Apparently, in Thailand, the majority of population working out there are transgenders. They are treated with utmost respect and they literally do 9-5 jobs, run their businesses successfully, follow their passion, sing, dance, eat, sleep and live, just like any of the two obvious genders. They are not insulted or bullied, but treated equally and enjoy all the rights as per their law.

Image Courtesy : Transgenders : Gauri Sawant
Image Courtesy :
Transgenders : Gauri Sawant

Then why India is lacking behind in this aspect? Why can’t we as a society, accept transgenders the way they are, naturally and not make fun of them or get scared of them? Let us join this small movement by Vicks and give as equal respect and rights to transgenders, as much we all enjoy. We heartily thank Vicks for such a beautiful and emotional short film that conveys a huge message to the world. Also, a grand salute to Gauri Sawant who is raising an orphan Gayatri on and as her own blood. It certainly is not easy for both mother-daughter duo to face the criticism of the narrow minded population, but against all the odds, their love for each other is their strength. This short film proves that humanity still exists, regardless of the gender. And this generation does know how to care. #TouchofCare

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