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What’s Next? The Reverse Flash Is A God Now

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow took an interesting turn of events by turning the super villain Reverse Flash into a God.

The Plot – The Reverse Flash As A God

After fighting through time the Legion Of Doom finally got the Spear Of Destiny which allowed them to rewrite reality. Using this opportunity The Reverse Flash positioned himself as a God by turning everyone around him into his slaves. However, Ray Palmer worked out a device which would help restore lost memories.

This helped the Legends group back together, however, Martin Stein’s memories remain lost as Jefferson failed to restore his memories because he destroyed the device resisting it.

What’s Next?

Well, as we all know that because of the convenient plot twists they will definitely fix the timeline by the end of this season. Hints for this have already been scattered in the last episode where the Reverse Flash destroys the Spear Of Destiny. It appears that Rip Hunter and the Waverider has been miniaturized and kept at STAR Labs. By the end of the episode Rip sends out a distress signal to notify the team.

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It’s all going to be some weird science mumbo jumbo and eventually the team will figure out a way to travel back in time and restore the timeline.

Now, interestingly whatever plot twist they use to explain the situation, it is almost impossible to restore the timeline without the Spear Of Destiny because the entire fabric of reality has changed. There is no timeline traces remaining of the original timeline. But, well yeah, they will restore the timeline anyway and at the end we will see Eobard Thawne screaming and losing. Because that’s what has to happen by the end, right? The heroes always win.

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