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Video Games: Best Soundtrack Games

Gaming has grown leaps and bounds in terms of technology and most attention is given to a game’s graphics and game play. However, there’s one aesthetic that really sets a game apart: soundtrack. Games with good soundtracks are bound to keep the player’s attention in the immersive game environment. We bring to you a list of best soundtrack games in gaming.

1. Red Dead Redemption – Best Soundtrack Games

best soundtrack games

This game is an absolute masterpiece in terms of everything: game play, graphics, storyline and of course, soundtrack! Dive into the wild west with epic spaghetti western theme music created just for this game. There are some amazing soundtracks in this game that get stuck in your head even after the game is over. One such amazing soundtrack is “Compass”.

2. Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 – Best Soundtrack Games


Talk about space adventure and Mass Effect is the first game that comes to mind. This video game franchise has some really touching soundtracks as well as action packed themes.

3. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Best Soundtrack Games


Skyrim is a huge game and so for maintaining the immersion the soundtrack of this game is also quite epic. With themes ranging from epicness to awesomeness, this game packs in a lot of amazing and soothing soundtracks so you can explore the giant map for hours without getting bored.

4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Best Soundtrack Games


This game has some really thrilling racing themed soundtracks like “Skinny Man”, “Shapeshifter”, We Control” and more. The soundtrack of this game is a perfect companion for the game play.

5. Super Mario Bros. – Best Soundtrack Games

Mario gaming has evolved from 90s to now
Image Source: Game Revolution

Well well, who can forget our beloved Mario’s adventures and the classic retro soundtrack?

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