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Sonic Screwdriver: 50 Uses Of This Device From Doctor Who

The sonic screwdriver is an important gadget for The Doctor and it gets him out of trouble as well as helps him crack different mysteries. Here are some of the uses of the sonic screwdriver.

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Uses of the sonic screwdriver:

1. Opening doors

2. Cracking codes of Aerodynamic Shuttle

3. Cutting through walls

4. Overriding security locks

5. As a normal screwdriver, duh!

6. Scanning alarm systems in the TARDIS

7. Opening lift doors

8. Breaking hypnotic trance

9. Detonating mines remotely

10. Breaching force field

11. Safe cracking

12. Blowing up a Dalek bomb

13. Shattering the Clynex

14. Melting plastic vines

15. X-ray scanning

16. Disabling video cameras

17. Repairing TARDIS control console

18. Melting ice

19. Opening organic locks used by the Zygons

20. Repelling ghosts

21. Locking bank vaults from inside

22. Turning Cybermen against each other

23. Scanning for life

24. Locating the TARDIS

25. Locking the TARDIS console room

26. Weakening a stone wall

27. Fixing a train track

28. Cancelling an alarm

29. To detect energy emissions

30. Accessing a Galifreyan computer

31. Detecting tremors

32. As a torch

33. Fusing lock of a metal door

34. Unlocking handcuffs

35. Destroying a security camera

36. Medical scanner

37. Diagnostic tool

38. Building a DNA scan device

39. Detecting heated water

40. Picking traces of psychic spoor

41. Detecting time traces

42. Scanning a crack in Amelia Pond’s wall

43. Causing rain via atmospheric excitation

44. Charging from a battery

45. Withdrawing money from a cash machine

46. Disabling a Sonatran teleport

47. Modifying a gravity converter

48. Downloading a journal

49. Lighting a candle

50. Cutting a rope

There you have it, 50 uses of the sonic screwdriver! So what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself too from Amazon by clicking here.

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