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Songs Of Examination

As we all know this is officially the exam seasons. Some students might be enjoying their independence,while some are still fighting for their freedom. Ever gotten into a situation where in you try to focus on your paper but there’s a song that is constantly going on in your mind? Trust me, I’ve faced such a situation when I was attempting my Economics paper and I had Sheila Ki Jawani continusly playing in my mind. It was playing so rigorously that at a moment I felt like standing up on the desk and dancing amid of the examination. That’s one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had. Even worse than a breakup. Such songs are known as Songs Of Examination that keep on going on in our mind’s background and foreground.

Image Courtesy : Tenor Songs Of Examination
Image Courtesy : Tenor
Songs Of Examination

In such a tensed and stressed atmosphere, we’re here to help you relax a bit. This guy named Zaid Ali (Facebook Page: ZaidAliT) has literally recorded a video on how the stages in the examination hall a student goes through, to which each one of us can relate to. We’ve named it Songs Of Examination. See it yourself.

We all have gone through or are going through such phases in our examination. Friends, most of the time can be more reliable than the reliables. Pun intended. Especially the ones who help us do last minute revisions. They are God, which even atheists would start believing in. We hope this Songs Of Examination has helped you feel a bit refreshed. Tag your friends and share this video with them.

Been into a similar situation and probably have a solution to it? Do share your story in the comment section and we shall feature the same on our page. Let us have a little laugh together.

Good luck for your exams. Happy reading. 🙂

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