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8 Modern Superhero TV Series You Must Watch

Superheroes have been a part of our lives since a long time and Superman is perhaps the most popular of them all since he’s known worldwide. They have been depicted time and time again in various forms such as comics, video games, movies and various adaptations. We bring to you a list of the most popular Superhero TV series that you simply can’t afford to miss!

1. The Flash – Superhero TV Series

superhero tv series, the flash
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This TV series is perhaps on of the best depiction of our Scarlet Speedster. We get to know the origin story of Barry Allen as well as his interaction with Team Flash in STAR Labs. The special effects on this show are top notch and they get better and better with each season.

Even the storyline and plot twists are quite amazing and the soundtrack is cool too! The Flash is definitely one of the best Superhero TV series running right now.

2. Arrow – Superhero TV Series

Superhero Tv Series, Arrow
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This show takes on the Green Arrow in a very Batman-like storyline. It has seen all sorts of ups and downs during it’s run and the reason why this show is important is that it gave birth to The Flash which in turn gave birth to DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.

Arrow is the story of playboy billionaire Oliver Queen’s vigilante missions with the help of his team members and while it’s debatable that the show has lost it’s charm over the seasons, we still think it’s doing pretty good in terms of the storyline.

3. DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow – Superhero TV Series

Legends Of Tomorrow, Superhero TV Series
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Time travel can be hazardous and this is why Rip Hunter chooses an elite team of superheroes to join him on his mission to keep the time line safe. This show has some of the coolest and most amazing moments which will satisfy any superhero nerd’s imaginations as you see almost every DC Superhero taking part in the action and doing heroic stuff.

4. Supergirl – Superhero TV Series

Superhero Tv series, Supergirl
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While the popularity of this show is still not as much as the other above mentioned shows, Supergirl is a great attempt in portraying Kara Zor El, the cousin of Kal El (Superman).

5. Daredevil – Superhero TV Series

Superhero TV Series, Daredevil
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This Netflix series based on the comics of Marvel’s Daredevil has seen a great amount of success and has been running for two seasons. Can’t wait for season 3!

6. Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Superhero TV Series

Legends Of Tomorrow, Superhero TV Series
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Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is known for it’s gripping plot twists. The first season of this show was a complete binge watch experience and is perhaps the best season of the show.

7. Gotham – Superhero TV Series

Superhero TV Series, Gotham
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An alternate take on traditional Batman story telling, this show explores the origin story of Gotham City with Bruce Wayne being the side character. This show narrates the experiences of Detective Gordon and we get to see the origins of many classic Batman villains such as The Riddler, Penguin and many more!

8. Jessica Jones – Superhero TV Series

Superhero TV Series, Jessica Jones
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This Netflix original chronicles the life of one of the darker Marvel characters, the mysterious Jessica Jones. When a tragedy puts an the end to her short-lived career as a superhero, Jessica settles in New York City and opens her own detective agency, called Alias Investigation.

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