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Shark Tank: Net Worth Of All Sharks On The Show Till Date

Shark Tank is one of the most interesting TV shows running right now and it has captured the attention of everyone around the world. The show has helped a lot of budding entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses exponentially and has proved to be a great platform for it’s investors as well. We bring to you the net worth of all sharks on Shark Tank who have participated and invested in businesses on the show till date.

1. Richard Branson Net Worth $5.1 billion (Shark Tank Richest)

richard branson, shark tank
Image Source: CNBC

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is an English business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist. He founded the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies. Branson expressed his desire to become an entrepreneur at a young age.

2. Mark Cuban Net Worth $3.7 billion

mark cuban, shark tank, mark cuban net worth
Image Source:

Mark Cuban is a Billionaire Entrepreneur who believes in the power of hustle to become lucky. He has started many successful ventures and is also the owner of Dallas Mavericks. He is reportedly the richest Shark on the show. You can read more about his struggle ad hustle in his book “How To Win At the Sport Of Business“.

Truly a hustler. Mark Cuban deserves all the success he has today.

3. John Paul DeJoria Net Worth $3.1 billion

John Paul DeJoria, shark tank, John Paul DeJoria net worth
Image Source:

He is the co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and The Patrón Spirits Company. Also a self made Billionaire, John appeared on the show and made a deal with an American farmer after hearing his emotional pitch. His story of struggle can be heard from the audio book “Good Fortune“.

He is the third richest Shark to have appeared on the show till date.

4. Nick Woodman Net Worth $2.25 billion

Nick Woodman, shark tank, Nick Woodman net worth
Image Source:

The eccentric billionaire entrepreneur Nick Woodman appeared on the show and made some good investments on it. He made the GoPro camera on his vacation and created into a consumer product. More about him can be read in “GoPro Inventor Nick Woodman (STEM Trailblazer Bios)“.

His net worth dropped to $947 million after a dramatic drop in the share prices of GoPro.

5. Chris Sacca Net Worth $1.21 billion

Chris Sacca, shark tank, Chris Sacca net worth
Image Source: Fast Company

With a net worth of over $1.2 billion, Chris Sacca is someone who would go head on with Mark Cuban. His clash of ideologies and often times complete disregard for Mark’s opinions sometimes caused big tension between the two billionaires on the show. He is famous for wearing cowboy styled shirts and has a unique style quotient to him. Get a Chris Sacca styled shirt for yourself from a wide variety of selections below from Amazon:

He is an active investor in many companies.

6. Steve Tisch Net Worth $1.2 billion

Steve Tisch, shark tank, Steve Tisch net worth
Image Source: Zimbio

Steve Tisch is a film producer and appeared as a guest Shark on the show. He owns the NFL team New York Giants. Are you a New York Giants fan? Get this exclusive NY Giants merchandise for yourself from this catalogue:

He is the son of Giants co-owner Bob Tisch

7. Kevin Harrington Net Worth $450 million

Kevin Harrington, net worth, Kevin Harrington net worth, shark tank
Image Source: Business Insider

Kevin Harrington appeared as an investor on the first two seasons on the show. He has also authored a book called “Put A Shark In Your Tank” where he gives advice to create best pitch.
He is also regarded as the King of Television as he founded “As Seen On TV“.

8. Kevin O’Leary Net Worth $300 million

Kevin O’Leary, shark tank, Kevin O’Leary net worth
Image Source: MedTech Boston

Also famously known as “Mr. Wonderful”, O’Leary is regarded as one of the most outspoken and outwardly straightforward for his love for money. He doesn’t let feelings come in the way of business and structures most of his deals as royalty deals. You can check out his book “Cold Hard Truth On Men, Women, and Money: 50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them“.

He is still one of the most fun Sharks to follow and to an extent you can say he is not as bad as he projects himself to be.

9. Daymond John Net Worth $250 million

Daymond John, shark tank, Daymond John net worth
Image Source: Wikipedia

Daymond John has a rags to riches story and is one of the coolest Sharks on the show. Check out his line of products on Amazon.

He has also mentored and made an investment in a 15 year old kid’s venture Mo’s Bows which now has a partnership with NBA.

10. Robert Herjavec Net Worth $200 million

Robert Herjavec, shark tank, Robert Herjavec net worth
Image Source: Business 2 Community

Robert is the “Nice guy” on the show. His personality traits are quite positive and he has an emotional side to him as opposed to that of Kevin O’Leary. His book “You Don’t Have to Be a Shark: Creating Your Own Success” describes his positive attitude towards life.

Robert also has a passion for fast cars and he owns a bunch of them.

11. Ashton Kutcher Net Worth $200 million

Ashton Kutcher, Shark Tank, Ashton Kutcher net worth
Image Source: Q Political

Ashton Kutcher also appeared on the show as a guest Shark. He went logger heads with Kevin O’Leary and also fought with him for belittling an entrepreneur.

Along side his acting career, Ashton is also a Venture Capitalist and has invested in many startups.

12. Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth $100 million

Jeff Foxworthy, Shark Tank, Jeff Foxworthy net worth
Image Source: Comedy Central

Jeff Foxworthy is a stand up comedian, TV personality, radio personality who appeared as a guest Shark on the show.

His content is worth checking out.

13. Lori Greiner Net Worth $50 million

Lori Greiner, shark tank, Lori Greiner net worth
Image Source: Wikipedia

The Queen of QVC has been a show regular and has invested in many companies.

Lori has a sort of a soft yet sharp side to her and any business she touches turns into a success because of her vast connections.

14. Barbara Corcoran Net Worth $40 million

Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran net worth
Image Source: Business Insider

The real estate Moghul Barbara Corcoran has a sort of a caring side to her but usually refrains from making many investments.

However, she’s really a sweetheart and is certainly a motivational figure to look up to.

15. Troy Carter Net Worth $30 million

Troy Carter, Shark Tank, Troy Carter net worth
Image Source: Kulchah

Troy Carter is the Founder & CEO of Atom Factory that is a talent management and full-service television and movie production company. He appeared on one episode of Shark Tank.

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