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Lame Jokes That Might Give You A Headache

There are certain kind of people with some weirdly different and unimaginable sense humour, which hardly anyone can understand at the very first go. There always is one person in our groups who has a habit of cracking lame jokes which might give you a headache. They really don’t care about the timing or situations. All they know is, just go out there and try their sense of humour on any one. And if you laugh on such jokes, you are their favourite person for like 5 seconds. We’re here to give you some exemplars of such lame jokes which might give you a headache. Aaareeee Youuuuu Reeaaddyyy?

1. Saif Ali Khan And Kareena Kapoor Khan: Lame Jokes

Saif and Kareena went to a restaurant and ordered tea. Waiter brought Saif’s tea first.

Kareena: Where’s my tea?

Waiter: Ma’am, Saif Tea comes first.

Image Courtesy : We Heart It
Image Courtesy : We Heart It

2. Rajasthanis: Lame Jokes

Q- Why is Rajasthani food so sweet?

A- Because they live in deserts.

Image Courtesy : Mommyish
Image Courtesy : Mommyish

3. Aaj Phir Marne Ki Tamanna Hain: Lame Jokes

Q- In the movie Guide, there is a song called ‘Gaata Rahe Mera Dil.‘ Why does Wahida Rehman wear the same saree throughout the song?

A- Because the lyricist said, “Badle Duniya Saree, Tum Naa Badalna.” 

Image Courtesy : Reaction GIFs
Image Courtesy : Reaction GIFs

4. Haiiyyaaa!:

Q- What is Karate experts favourite beverage?

A- Kara-tea

Image Courtesy :
Image Courtesy :

5. All The Way From Gujarat: Lame Jokes

Girl- I’m Loving You

Boy: Toh Hu Sutadi Bomb

Image Courtesy : PopKey
Image Courtesy : PopKey

P.S.: All of the above are self-invented. Please do not kill us.

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