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Love: 21 Signs That Prove Your Partner Loves You

Love is in the air, or maybe its just in our head? You never know what is real and what is unreal when you are in love because you are blinded by love. I am not making any sense I guess.

We tend to do a lot for the person we love, we compromise a lot of things just to see them happy and it’s the best feeling in the world. So here are some signs that prove that your partner truly loves you. So let’s roll!

1) They will always ask you small things about yourself just to get to know you better

2) They will be truly interested in your life and will question you about the smallest things instead of just nodding their heads like a donkey

3) They will find reasons to talk to you even if its on a mundane topic

4) They will want to know your opinion on a lot of things whether its on life, love, family etc etc , you get the point.

5) They will gift you small things, well not necessarily materialistic things but small gestures that’ll make you smile like sending a very sweet text or a long phone call just to tell you how awesome you are.

6) They will find ways to always help you with things.

7) They will show that they have trust and faith in you and will always encourage and praise your endeavors.

8) They will respect you and treat you like you are their whole world.

9) They will introduce you to their family and friends and always try to involve you with them.

10) They will share all their interest and happiness with you.

11) They will always ask your opinions on things before making huge/important decisions.

12) They will plan really awesome dates with you.

13) Is willing to compromise with a lot of things to keep your relationship stable and healthy.

14) Will talk his/her worries with you.

15) They will always compliment you and make you feel good about yourself.

16) They will shower you with affection.

17) They will try to always have small contact with you like holding hands or patting your shoulders or simple hugs.

18) They will always have your back.

19) They will ask you about your day.

20) They want to know all your family and friends and the ones who are close to you.

21) They will really see you for you and not just like another person.

Well these were just a few obvious signs to tell you that your partner really cares and loves you. So did you find your love yet?

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