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Most Creative Business Card Designs

A business card can leave a lasting impression on the person you hand it to and therefore it is important to have a cool one! Here are 10 of the most innovative business card designs we found from the internet and curated it just for you. Take a look:

1. The one that transforms into a chair!

business card, business, visiting card, card
Image Source: DesignsTown

But don’t sit on it please!

2. The yoga mat business card

business card, visiting card
Image Source:

Because why not?

3. Cosmetic surgeon

business card
Image Source: BoredPanda

Quite appropriate

4. Smile please!

business card
Image Source: BoredPanda

Ah, perfect!

5. iCard

business card
Image Source:

Think different 😉

6. The *gratest* of them all

Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest

Grab some cheese!

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