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Doctor Who: Most Powerful Moments Of All Time

The Doctor has been with us for more than half a century and his adventures from all over the Universe have fascinated us countless number of times. Here are the most powerful moments of all time from The British TV series Doctor Who.

1. The Doctor And Amy Meet Vincent Van Gogh

This was perhaps the most powerful moment in Doctor Who history as we get to see the great artist Vincent Van Gogh witness his own legacy.

2. Rings Of Akhaten Speech Doctor Who

The Doctor’s speech in this episode was simply amazing. That’s what The Doctor is incredibly good with, words. And his words have magic in them that can transform anyone into a kind, forgiving and loving person.

3. Zygon Inversion Speech

Another great speech by The Doctor where he uses words to avoid a great war. Not only was this great in the series but also it was a great peace message for everyone to follow. The world will be a much better place if we all could just listen to The Doctor.

4. The Fury Of The Time Lord

Make no mistake, The Doctor is not someone to be messed with. He can be kind, loving and forgiving but if you get on his wrong side you will experience his never ending wrath.

5. Satan Pit

Another powerful moment from the series where The Doctor is rescued by Rose Tyler from Satan himself.

6. Ninth Doctor Regeneration

Although almost all the regeneration process of The Doctor are quite painful and powerful to watch, this was one of the most beautifully portrayed. You really feel the emotions as the Ninth Doctor regenerates into the Tenth Doctor. His last lines were amazing, “You were fantastic, absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I”.

These were the most powerful moments from The Doctor Who series. Let us know which ones were your favourite scenes from the series.

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