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6 Android Launchers That’ll Give Your Phone A Makeover

We love our phones, infact they have become our babies and we care about them more than we should but, looking and using the same kind of home screen everyday can be a bit dull and boring. So today we have gathered some of the best android launchers that will give your home screen a much needed makeover. So let’s roll!

1) Flow Home (Beta) – Android Launchers

Flow Home is one of a kind launcher and if you are a social media freak then its the best option for you! It is a beautiful and sorted UI that’ll instantly make you fall in love with your phone. But there’s one drawback and its that you can connect it to only Twitter, Reddit , Freedly and Tumblr to get feeds Check out the app below:

Flow Home

2) Evie Launcher – Android Launchers

This is a new launcher but it is very beautiful and will sort your applications amazingly. It is also very smart in terms of settings and customization: Check out the app below:

Evie Launcher

3) Z Launcher Beta – Android Launchers

Z launcher is an app created by Nokia apps and it focuses more on gestures than the home screen. You can literally scribble an apps name on the home screen to open the app and it organises the application very efficiently:

Z Launcher Beta

4) Yahoo Aviate

I am sure many of you guys must be familiar with this launcher as its one of the best available today. Yahoo Aviate beats other mainstream launchers with a very creative yet simple UI that makes your phone amazingly smart. Check it out:

Yahoo Aviate

5) EverythingMe Launcher

If you are looking for a smart and fast home screen for your phone then EverythingMe is the best option for you. Your phone is automatically organized in different folders according to categories and it provides you good speed for navigation. Here’s the app:

EverythingMe Launcher

6) Buzz Launcher

Buzz launcher is one the best launchers available for those who get bored by their themes easily. Buzz launcher provides you with a variety of themes to choose from and they are updated regularly. However the launcher can be a bit heavy on your phone due to its large size. But you can check the app below:

Buzz Launcher

So did you like any of these launchers?

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