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Here’s Why you’ll Love Ryan Higa

NigaHiga a.k.a Ryan Higa is one of the most followed YouTuber today with over 19 million subscribers! And there’s a good reason for his popularity. So today’s we’re station 6 reasons as to why you’ll love Ryan Higa. So let’s roll

1)He is hilarious

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His comic timing and humorous videos will make you click that subscribe button immediately. He is one of the few Youtubers that can actually make you ROLF with his quality content.

2)He is the king of puns

We can confidently say that Ryan is the king of puns. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below:

3)He is very creative with his content

Ryan constantly finds ways to make creative and quality videos that viewers can enjoy. He’s covered every kind concept that you can imagine whilst being relatable at the same time. You’ll wonder how his brain actually works like that. Check out a few of his recent videos below:

4)His team is hilarious and supportive

ryan higa,nigahiga,reasons to love ryan higa,ryan higa videos, ryan higa youtuber,ryan higa as nigahiga
Image Source: Geek Montage

Ryan has a team of friends that help him shoot his videos and they’re funny as hell! His team consists of  Sean, Will, Derek and Greg, and call themselves the RHPC (Ryan Higa Production Company). THey help him with everything from camera recording to editing and sometimes even working as actors.

5)He is very hard working

You just have to see his videos to know how much time, effort and editing goes into making his videos. All the hard work he puts into editing and acting totally brings out the awesomeness in his videos.

6)He has his own kpop group!

In 2016 Ryan along with a group of Youtubers created a kpop band called BgA (Boys Generally Asians) and did a  parody music video called Dong Saya Dae (Which literally means I want to take a S*#t), it was meant to be a joke but the song managed to top Kpop charts. Only Ryan Higa can do this!

He is one awesome hard working and relatable YouTuber and his videos won’t fail to make you smile!

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