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5 Date Ideas Under INR 2000

Yes, demonetization has hit us all. All thanks to Modi Sarkar. But why should you let demonetization affect your love life? We always are at your rescue. Be it your better half’s birthday, your anniversary or even a date night, here are some fun and cool ideas that shall bring you two closer without burning your pockets. Below are 5 date ideas under INR 2000 ($30.54).

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Image Courtesy :

1. Beach and Beyond: Date Ideas Under INR 2000

Who does not love beaches? Take your better half on a beach, hold hands and walk on the shore, reminiscing about your good old times spent together. Build some mud castles, dig into some delicious mouth-watering fast foods and ice-golas. Trust me, you’d end up spending less than expected and beaches can never ever disappoint anyone.

Image Courtesy : thebeautifulpeopleblog -
Image Courtesy : thebeautifulpeopleblog –

2. Long Drives: Date Ideas Under INR 2000

Get a car, get your partner, grab some chips and drinks and get lost. No place decided, just drive where the road takes you. Its just both of you with some great scenery and some romantic music, which goes unsaid.

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Image Courtesy :

3. A Game Night: Date Ideas Under INR 2000

Plan a game night with your loved one. It can be an sort of game starting from cards to scrabble to FIFA. To add some fun, keep some sort of naughty punishments for the one who loses. You’d certainly end up having more fun than clubbing.

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Image Courtesy :

4. A Candle Light Dinner: Date Ideas Under INR 2000

No, not the one in some lavish hotel. Cook yourself your partner’s favorite cuisine, decorate your house with scented candles, flowers and make sure the lights are dim. If you cannot cook, order some local street food or a pizza from a new pizza joint, followed by some romantic dance.

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Image Courtesy :

5. Movies and Beers: Date Ideas Under INR 2000

This one never goes out of style. Put on your favorite movie or sitcom, get some beer and fries, prepare a cozy bed and just chill.

Image Courtesy : Tumblr
Image Courtesy : Tumblr

One advice for all of the above suggestions. Keep your mobile phone and babies (if any) on silent mode and away from you. Get hooked to each other, not to Mark Zuckerberg. Click selfies in your mind with your hearts. Go, plan a date right away and save that lovely pink note of yours.

Got more suggestions? Mention them in the comment section. Also, do not forget to like and share our page. Stay glued for more ideas on various things.

Till then, happy reading. 🙂

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