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Cianne: Canadian Gamer Girl League Of Legends Gold Player

League Of Legends is a very popular online battle arena game and has millions of players from all over the globe. We got in touch with Gold Ranked Player Cianne who shares her gaming experience with us. Here is an interesting chat we had with her:

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Cianne and I am from Canada. I love all animals and I love to draw.

How long have you been playing League Of Legends?

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I have been familiar with league since 2015 when my little brother became passionate about the game and started a stream as a challenger top lane player. I would watch his Twitch stream to support him and eventually started playing myself  in the beginning of 2016.

To reach level 30 takes a lot of time. In how much time did you manage to play ranked games?

cianne, league of legends, lol

I don’t think it takes that long. I hardly remember it. I just spammed Annie mid.

Your account has a Gold ranked status on Lol. What is your strategy behind this amazing rank?

cianne, league of legends, lol
I am not sure how to honestly answer that, I think staying positive helps. I usually use the ignore all function. I try my best to stop toxicity, it never helps to tell your team mates they made a dumb play. People know when they mess up and are their worst critics. I think anyone can be gold just by having positive attitude 🙂

Who is your favorite champion and why?

My favorite champ is Irelia, mainly because my brother mains her and I have watched his games for so long. She’s classy and strong. I unfortunately haven’t been very lucky at playing her

So Cianne, apart from League of Legends, which are some of your favorite games?

I used to love a game called Fantasy Earth Zero, I hope they bring it back. I also play Guild Wars 2.

Any funny memories from your games?


Getting penta kill on Sona support

Did you make any new friends from League Of Legends? Any interesting stories to tell?

I reconnected with some old friends and made some new ones. I have been a better friend to my brother by playing LoL.

What is your League Of Legends username?

Cianne on North American server

Any message for our readers?

cianne, league of legends, lol

Stay positive! Anything is possible if you work hard and enjoy it!
You can play with Cianne if you are on North American server of League of Legends. Her instagram handle is @ci.anne
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