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Decisions: Why It Is Important To Make Your Own Decisions

A famous person once said “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” and that person was Jimmy Dean. In my opinion it is a well said quote. In fact I am a firm believer of this quote because let’s be real, Life isn’t easy, you have to deal with a lot of crappy cards until you finally understand which direction you are sailing in. Here’s why it is important to make decisions

Let me give you an example so that you can understand better. Once I met a teenage boy who wanted to have a good career, now he was just a teenager and his main motto was to earn good for his future. He knew what he wanted from life; however he didn’t know the right direction to take in order to reach that goal of his. Naturally he began to question his ability; he started finding ways that would help him become rich or discard his goal completely. Mainly he was having trouble to choose the best career. I just told him to stop babbling and start researching. Because come on Google knows everything. I wanted to really help him with this, so I decided to work together with him so he could find the right career to choose from. So we looked into many programs and decided on architecture, he said he was quite interested in designing buildings and he wanted to do that for a living. Since his parents have always been pressurizing him to pursue more successful options like engineering or MBA, this was a new direction for him.

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And today when I look at him, I feel proud that I could help and influence someone to do what they love to do. He’s currently in his second year of the architectural program and has never been happier. This experience taught me one thing ever since then, and it’s that all you need is a push, a push in the right direction so you can sail towards your goal. Life is actually like a ship, it will take you various options in the ocean, and all you need is a compass. A compass that can help you locate where you want to go, who you want to end up as.

Life isn’t as complicated as we make it. In fact many of us insist on making it tough, and then we end up regretting it. If the teenage boy hadn’t decided, or found the right thing for himself, maybe he would have been a frustrated adult later in life; I wouldn’t have been able to help him either if he hadn’t approached me. Sometimes it’s ok to ask help from people. If there is something concerning you or if you have a secret that is deteriorating your happiness, then you need to get it out and talk to a trustworthy person. Don’t let anything ruin your happiness. We only have one life!

Nonetheless, you need to find that direction to your goal, it doesn’t matter if your goal is success, happiness or love, and you need to find a push that can give you a direction. Always remember to sail in the boat if life and don’t forget to carry your compass with you!

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