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King Of Wars: Age Of Empires For Mobile

Age Of Empires fans have fond memories of spending countless hours strategizing how to conquer the entire map in the game and it was perhaps one of the best games of all time. Fast forward to today’s times, we are presented with King Of Wars which offers you the same Age Of Empires game play with a Clash Of Clans type art work. Plus, the game has multiplayer too! Read on to find out our review on this game which is available for free on Google Play and iOS.

King Of Wars

Game Play – King Of Wars

The game play of this game takes you back to the good old days of AOE. You start with a Town Center from which you create builders which you can use to farm, mine or in general gather resources. You can then use those resources to build new buildings like houses, barracks and more. From each building you can create new different types of units which have their own abilities in the game.


You can strategically start gathering resources which will help you build new buildings quickly and instantly get into battle mode with the opposite team. After every match you get certain xp which helps you level up as you progress. This unlocks new types of units and abilities which you can further use to improve your chances of winning against stronger opponents.


Apart from the single player mode there is also a Multiplayer mode wherein you can play online against real opponents which adds another level of excitement to the game and also get ranked!

Art Style – King Of Wars


This part of the game is quite interesting because it reimagines it’s art style in terms of modern games and has quite a similar art style to that of Clash Of Clans. The units look fantastic and it feels like you are getting an authentic and rich gaming experience while playing it.

Sounds – King Of Wars


While the game play is extremely good, the sounds in this game can be improved. The sounds in the game feel a bit repetitive at times but well, the developers are quite dedicated to this game so we’re sure they will update and improve this part in future.

Our Review – King Of Wars


The game is definitely fun to play. While it does have some flaws we were happy to revisit the old nostalgia of Age Of Empires styled game play and for that reason we give this game a 4 out of 5 star rating. This is also evident by the reviews on Google Play as the game has a strong 4.1 average rating out of 5 stars and an even stronger average rating of 4.8 stars on iOS. Go ahead and conquer! Definitely download and play this game:

King Of Wars Android download

King Of Wars iOS download

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