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Happy Holi: TMN Wishes You All A Very Happy Holi!!!

On this auspicious occasion when India becomes a rainbow of colors, TMN wishes you all a very happy, safe and eco-friendly holi!

Holi is one the major festivals celebrated in India and like all the other festivals celebrated here, Holi too has a very significant meaning behind it. Holi is not just the festival of colors but also signifies unity, love and peace.

Infact, holi is celebrated not only in India but it being celebrated by many Hindus and Non- Hindus around the world and is getting popular every year. Since the festival marks the beginning of Spring, it creates a very pleasant environment that leaves our hearts fluttering with happiness. Let’s not forget the delicious sweets and bhaang!

However fun aside, let’s make this holi safe for everyone without causing anyone trouble.

Let’s celebrate this day with all our hearts and have fun!

Happy Holi!!

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