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What Vodafone’s New Social Experiment Teaches Us

“When was the last time you had a real conversation?” is what the video starts with. Well it is a relevant question after all. Ever since smart phones became popular we humans, much to our guilt have become phone addicts. And this is without considering all the social media and the era of free Wifi and 4G that is available to us mind you.

Admit it you are guilty of doing the same aren’t you? The thing is that we have become so dependent on our phones these days that we forget to enjoy real life and experience moments. Let’s consider some examples shall we. When was the last time you actually enjoyed a beautiful scenery through your eyes and not through your phone screen? When you go out with your friends just to hang and chill, you ultimately end up just checking your phones instead of having relevant conversation and how much of the said conversation is actually about our life? Don’t you just end up talking about Snapchat and Instagram or what you saw the other day on Facebook?

We have reached an era where we need Phone Valets to actually leave our phones and enjoy time with our loved ones. Well let’s hope that this social experiment reaches many people and teaches them to enjoy life rather than enjoy stuff in their phones. You don’t necessarily have to throw your phones away mind you, because it has become a necessity for us humans, but let’s just take some time off our phones and talk to real people and enjoy real things. Let’s #LookUp and communicate. Hats off Vodafone from TMN for creating such awareness.

You can check out the video for the same below:

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