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Meet This Woman Who Is An Ultimatum Of Bad-ass – Joanna Palani

On International Women’s Day, you certainly must’ve read a lot of posts about feminism and women who are excelling in their respective fields. But this lady is truly a bad-ass inspiration to each and everyone of us, regardless of our genders. Meet this Iranian-Kurdish beauty, Joanna Palani who is cited to be one of the most wanted in ISIS’s hit list currently, on which The Islamic State has announced an award of 6 freaking crores to whoever would behead this woman and bring it to them. When you look at her, she seems to be just like us, a regular girl. But she isn’t. We definitely understand your *raised eyebrows* or *mouth wide open in shock* reaction, because we had a similar one.

Sniper Joanna Palani
Image Courtesy : Spec Ops Magazine
Sniper Joanna Palani

After doing our own set of homework, we have explored tad bit more about her. Scroll down to know more:

1. The Savior : Joanna Palani

Joanna, 23, a trained sniper, faces butchers by the Islamic State. Palani is well known for successfully saving many Syrian women from IS sex slave camps. Her mission had almost gone for a toss when she was handed a travel Ban by the Danish authorities in September, 2015. But she contravened to rejoin her compatriots of the battle-hardened Kurdish unit fighting ISIS in northern Syria. Some reports claim the bull’s-eye sniper has over 100-jihads kills.

Sniper Joanna Palani
Image Courtesy : Shut Racism
Sniper Joanna Palani

2. Its In The Genes : Joanna Palani

The woman of substance is a politics and philosophy student from Copenhagen. Belonging to an Iranian-Kurdish ancestry, she is the daughter of a Peshmerga (one who stands in front of death) fighter. Her favorite hobbies include reading and target practice. She fell in love with shooting when she was nine. Ever since, it is impossible to stop her from practicing the same. “I remember pulling the trigger and feeling the power”, she said.

Sniper Joanna Palani
Image Courtesy : ScoopWhoop
Sniper Joanna Palani

3. Kill Or Capture : Joanna Palani

Joanna was arrested last year for infringement. She was in prison for approximately a month and was released two days prior to Christmas. She feels because of her disrepute, she is top on militant’s hit list. An ISIS sniper from Saudi Arabia is after her life, she professes. Palani’s stimulation is the female World War II Red Army sniper, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, also known as Lady of death, who shot over 309 Nazis.

Sniper Joanna Palani
Image Courtesy : Ground Zero Web
Sniper Joanna Palani

4. A Professional Day At Work : Joanna Palani

Joanna Palani says she spends days in one same position, spotting and shooting ISIS fighters dead at night. Her normal day would start at 4:00 AM and her gear would include her SVD and AK rifles, a bag and two hand grenades.

Sniper Joanna Palani Name Designed With Bullets
Image Courtesy : Daily Express
Sniper Joanna Palani’s Name Designed With Bullets

This woman being one of a kind, we highly respect, appreciate and salute her for her bravery.

Here’s wishing all you lovely, bad-ass ladies a very Happy International Women’s Day. The worst thing you’d ever do is compare yourself with anybody, even with men. Not only today, but everyday, celebrate your own identity.

Image Courtesy : POPxo
Image Courtesy : POPxo

Along with celebrating, do like and share our page. Till then, happy reading! 🙂


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