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Gurmeet and Debina’s Decision Is A Right Step Towards Change

After Karan Johar’s shocking yet happy news of becoming a father to twins (Congrats Karan!)  comes the news of Gurmeet and Debina’s adoption of two girls from Bihar and people couldn’t be happier.

Adoption is still a taboo in India and the couple’s decision has come as a shock to many, but their decision shows that India is ready to take a step towards change. With their choice, two underprivileged girls will have parents and a good life.

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Image Source: Indian Express

When the couple was asked to confirm the new they said- Yes, we have adopted these two girls in the sense that we are trying to give them a good lifestyle. There are many deprived people in this world and when we give money to NGOs and stuff, we really do not know where it is going. So, in order to ensure that the money is actually making a difference, we decided to do this.

The couple has adopted Pooja (age 6) and Lata (age 9) and plan to enroll them in a school in Patna.

Well hats off to Gurmeet and Debina for making such a wise decision and improving these girl’s lives! We’re sure you’ll be great parents to them!

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