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5 Games That Lied To Us And Broke Our Heart

Video games have been entertaining us for decades and they have grown by leaps and bounds in terms of quality. Today gaming has evolved so much that it is really difficult for a game to create hype in the crowd of so many games being launched. And for this reason, sometimes game developers straight up blatantly lie to the players. Here are 5 games that lied to us and broke our heart :'(

1. No Man’s Sky – Games That Lied To Us

To call this game a lie is really heart breaking because we had so many expectations that were broken. It was really saddening to see this game called “One Man’s Lie” because of all the promises that Sean Murray made. Anyway, they have been working hard to make this game better with patches but this game goes down as one of the biggest disaster in the history of gaming.

2. Watchdogs – Games That Lied To Us

Another huge disappointment was when Ubisoft showed us impressive graphics of this game at the E3 trailer and it ended up having less than mediocre graphics with somewhat okay game play. Just look at that gorgeous E3 demo, wish we could get to play that version of the game!

3. Mass Effect 3 – Games That Lied To Us

Games That Lied To Us
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Mass Effect 3 poured water on our expectations and left us completely flabbergasted by the end of its game by simply throwing up an end that felt like somebody had just applied 3 different Instagram filters to it. However, they did add a DLC to fix this disappointment but well, first impression always lasts!

4. Half Life 3 – Games That Lied To Us

Gabe, are you listening??

5. Godus – Games That Lied To Us

Godus Games That Lied To Us
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After raising over $800,000 on their Kickstarter campaign being regarded as the ultimate God game, this game turned out to be a disaster because of all the expectations that Peter Molyneux set for the game.

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Nikhil Malankar
Nikhil is the founder of Tell Me Nothing and has a huge interest in making and playing games. He is also into game development and has written a published book on the same.

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