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Socializing With A Multi- Social Planner – Shilpi Dey

In the world full of self-centered and self-obsessed people, she is that one person who cares to serve the society more than herself. Meet the most versatile social activist and an inspiration to all of us – Shilpi Dey. Find out our interaction with this lovely Bengal beauty who gets candid about her journey with Tell Me Nothing.

Shilpi Dey
Shilpi Dey

Let us get to know you better, Shilpi Dey. Tell us something about yourself

So, basically I am into various fields when it comes to my profession. I am a professor in Nationals College, Bandra, an animal welfare activist, a content writer and a social planner. I am a hardcore Bengali and a big time foodie, which goes unsaid.

Shilpi Dey
Shilpi Dey

What have you done professionally?

I have done my graduation in Bachelors of Accounting and Finance. I am a post-graduate with 11 degrees into accounting.

How did you get into animal welfare?

Its all because of my pet Labrador Tyson. I have seen people hurting animals, especially stray dogs by every means like bursting crackers near them or cutting of their body parts, etc. which is a disastrous scene to even imagine. I have seen many people abandoning them and mistreating them. This urged me to do something for them, imagining my pet baby in the same situation.

Shilpi Dey With Her Pet Tyson
Shilpi Dey With Her Pet Tyson

How has helping people by being a part time recruiter changed your life

So basically what I do is, I have broadcast groups of around 850 people whom I share multiple information with. Not only related to jobs. Now, I started this broadcast list just because of my baby Tyson. So, one very fine day I had informed at my place about me bringing a dog at home and I am a very stubborn person. I went to the pet shop with no idea that you can also adopt a dog. He showed me all breeds of dogs and then there was one cute little pup who was lying on the floor and all other pups were on him. The moment I saw him, I decided to adopt him immediately. You won’t believe, I actually spent 60 freaking thousands on him by purchasing every smallest of his needs. But then later on a friend informed me that the person who sold me Tyson was actually a pet-breeder. He had actually mated Tyson’s mother with some other dog when she was just 6 months old. Tyson’s face had black patches near his eyes and nose, He had cried for months together. I was so disturbed about this that what did I do! That made me start a broadcast group of awareness about not to harm animals in any way. That gradually made me start spreading awareness about jobs and multiple other things as well. Till date, numerous people have been employed by this broadcast and to top it all, 4 more people in my contacts have started their own broadcast list. I have been remembered for nothing but good. People’s blessings have reached me in some or the other form and it is such a happy and content feeling.

Shilpi Dey
Shilpi Dey

Why do you think street dogs are not given much attention to? 

It is lack of breed understanding. People nowadays are so much into foreign breeds that they actually forget what are our stray dogs suffering through. People derive certain unnecessary pleasure by hurting them, which is not right and is not their right.

Indian Breed Rescued By Shilpi Dey's Animal Welfare
Indian Breed Rescued By Shilpi Dey’s Animal Welfare

Teaching being an integral part of your life, tell us something about your experience. 

Teaching has just been a blessing in my life. My students and their parents are the reason where I am right now. Their trust and faith in me has made me increase my potential to another level. Their love increases my dedication. My birthday is coming up and my students surprised me with a cake and gifts, which was such a sweet gesture.

Cake By Shilp Dey's Students
Cake By Shilp Dey’s Students

How different is your NGO from others in protecting animals?

Well, our NGO is not a registered one. We just help animals purely out of love. Neither do we charge anything nor do we delay our services.

Khushiyaan By Aarna Foundation

Who is your motivation or inspiration?

My sole motivation on this planet is Tyson. He is the one to give me optimism whenever I’ve had a bad day.

Shilpi Dey With Her Pet Tyson
Shilpi Dey With Her Pet Tyson

We say charity begins from home. How supportive your family has been towards you? 

Oh! My family to be precise, my mom, my brother, Tyson and my beloved, they’ve been extremely supportive. Even beyond supportive. Had it been that they lost faith in me, I wouldn’t be able to survive. But there has been time when even my sister has said in bold letters “DO NOT BROADCAST MESSAGES.” But I always see the positive side of my life, my support systems.

Shilpi Dey's Mom With Their Pet Tyson
Shilpi Dey’s Mom With Their Pet Tyson

What motivated you to contribute to our society?

Again, Tyson. Had he not come into my life, I would have been living a very normal, careless life. There is already a lot of pessimism in our society. If at all we need something, its optimism

Shilpi Dey's Mother With Their Pet Tyson
Shilpi Dey’s Mother With Their Pet Tyson

Humans or animals, whom would you prefer to be with?

Animals. Anytime, any place, any day, any moment.

Shilpi Dey With Her Pet Tyson
Shilpi Dey With Her Pet Tyson

Any heart touching story about your recruitment group as well as about your NGO that you’d like to share?

There’s this one story for each I’d like to share. One very fine day, I got a call from a friend saying that one of his friends needed a job and he was in his mid 30’s. I said let me try and I called up a friend who works in Andromeda, Santacruz. She said it is possible and that man got a job. After 2 months, I get a cheque couriered at my place of INR 25000. I did not know who did it belong to, so it remained untouched. When he came to know that the amount has not been deducted, he called to confirm why haven’t I deposited the cheque yet. I just politely requested him to collect the cheque from my place, have lunch and then go, I do not do this for money at all.

Shilpi Dey
Shilpi Dey

When it comes to my animal welfare, there was this Muslim family who had a German Shepherd. The person who took care of the dog was too old and sick. The day he died, his family called me up to come and pick up the dog as they did not want him to be sad. I went there at the funeral and decided to take him once everybody disperses. The moment everybody left, he silently went to the body and placed his palm on the person’s heart. The moment he realized he is no more, you won’t believe, the dog died there immediately. Just in fraction of a second, the dog was no more. I tried pulsating his heart beats and also gave him mouth to mouth, but nothing worked. The family. then decided to bury them together. This shows that a man may not be as faithful to you as a dog will, throughout his life.

Image Courtesy : GodTube
Image Courtesy : GodTube

Any message to the viewers of Tell Me Nothing?

Do not hesitate to give to the society. Universe has its own way to give it back to you. Do as much as you can for people and animals. Not necessarily in monetary terms, but with all your love and warmth.

Shilpi Dey
Shilpi Dey

And that is how we come to an end of such a wonderful conversation. How we wish we could go on and on talking to this beauty. We, Tell Me Nothing wishes Shilpi a very Happy Birthday. God Bless and keep us inspiring the same way. Much love!

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