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IISuperwomanII : Here’s Why We Love Lilly Singh…And You Should Too!!

Lilly Singh a.k.a iiSuperwomanii is one the most followed and loved YouTuber today. She started her Youtube channel in 2010 and ever since has received over 1 billion views on her content. Here are some reasons why we love Lilly Singh, so let’s roll!

1) She is hilarious – IISuperwomanII

It is a no-brainer that Lilly is known to make hilarious content on YouTube. Her videos will make you laugh and roll on the floor if they don’t already! Do check out her channel.

2) She is very relatable – IISuperwomanII

Have you ever had the feeling that no one in the world understands you? Well don’t worry because Lilly totally does! She makes videos on topics that an average person can relate to. Here are some videos that’ll give you some insight on what we are talking about.

lilly singh, youtuber, manjeet and paramjeet singh, love lilly
Image Source: Balatna

3) She loves her culture and ethnicity – IISuperwomanII

Indians be proud! Here is a person who despite living in Canada ( And now in L.A.) doesn’t forget her roots.

4) Her Parents – IISuperwomanII

And the award for best parents goes to Mangeet and Parminder Singh for making Lilly’s life more hilarious! Seriously you just can’t get over their reaction videos, they’ll make your day!

5) Lilly is BAWSE – IISuperwomanII

Not trying to promote her book or her lip stick brand but seriously no one can deny that Lilly is BAWSE (boss). She is not only sweet and hilarious but she is also one of the strongest women you’ll find today.  She is truly an inspiration for today’s youth.

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