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Green Arrow: What Makes Him So Awesome?

Green Arrow is one of the coolest superheroes of all time but has not enjoyed as much fame as Batman. Of course, in many ways he is almost as awesome as Batman himself! Here are a few reasons that make Green Arrow awesome!

1. He is a Billionare

Oilver Queen Green Arrow Stephen Amell
Image Source: Green Arrow Wiki

His real-life character(in comics ofc, duh!) is Oliver Queen and he is the owner of Queen Industries, a billion dollar company. He has vast amount of resources at his disposal and is an influential socialite of Star City.

2. He spent 5 years in a forest

Green Arrow Forest
Image Source: Giant Fire Breathing Robot

He had gone to a vacation island with his Dad and during this time the boat wrecked which caused an accident. Because of this incident he was trapped on an island for 5 years. His Dad died on the same island but Oliver Queen survived and this is where he learnt survival tricks which later turned him into the Green Arrow.

3. Green Arrow has defeated Deathstroke

Green Arrow Deathstroke
Image Source: Comic Vine

He has gone against the super villain Deathstroke and has defeated him! And he took out an eye of Deathstroke too….

4. He has a sense of humor

Image Source: Deviantart by tellmymotherimsorry

Unlike Batman, our Robinhood vigilante has a sense of humor. He is quite jovial in the comics and has a sense of humor just like The Flash. Of course, in the TV show they have toned down his character to be more serious, but in the comics version he is really a fun character!

5. Green Arrow was created as a substitute for Batman!

Image Source: Trade Reading Order

The character of Green Arrow was created in 1940 because at the time publishers were heavily banking on Batman. For this reason, Green Arrow was introduced as a substitute for Batman. Well, now we know the reason behind similarities! We also wrote a piece on the similarities between Green Arrow and Batman.

6. He also uses many cool gadgets

Image Source: Screen Rant
Image Source: Screen Rant

When you are a Billionaire you never let money be a bother for you and invest in the best available gadgets. Green Arrow flaunts his arsenal of tech-arrows and multiple gadgets that help him in combat against baddies!

7. Arrow cave!!!!

Image Source: usmanscave

Need we say more?

8. As Oliver Queen, he is a family man

Image Source: Casual Comix Critique

In the comics, he is depicted to be one of the best family men in the DC Universe. He is, perhaps, one of the very few characters in the DCU to actually pay attention to his family. We also have some other interesting posts for you to read:

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