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Top 6 Hollywood Method Actors

Actors are worshipped like Gods. They have influence over the society like no one else because they appear on the big screen and people tend to imitate and follow the way they do stuff. But there are a special kind of actors who set the bar for acting so high that they literally become the character. We bring to you a list of Top 6 Hollywood Method Actors!

1. Daniel Day-Lewis – Hollywood Method Actors

Daniel Day-Lewis Hollywood Method Actors
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Daniel Day-Lewis really brings his character to life by becoming the character. He makes only 1 movie in 5 years and is regarded as the perfectionist of Hollywood. His role in Lincoln(2012) earned him loads of accolades and he is 1 of the 3 male actors in the industry to have won 3 OSCARS! Awesome, right?

2. Sacha Baron Cohen – Hollywood Method Actors

Sacha Baron Cohen Hollywood Method Actors
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He takes on the roles of satirical characters and some times puts himself in a very compromising situation just to give justice to the character he plays. Sacha Baron Cohen has played a diverse variety of roles such as Admiral General Aladeen in The Dictator(2012), Borat(2006), Ali-G(2002) and so many hilarious and memorable performances.

3. Christian Bale – Hollywood Method Actors

Christian Bale Hollywood Method Actors
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Our own Dark Knight is a method actor too. He has shown immense dedication to the roles he played over the years and even buffed himself up to get in the perfect physique for playing the role of Batman. He even became extremely skinny to play his role in The Machinist(2004). Now, that’s dedication!

4. Robert De Niro – Hollywood Method Actors

Robert De Niro Hollywood Method Actors
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Robert De Niro is a veteran in the industry and perhaps one of the earliest method actors of Hollywood. For his role in Taxi Driver(1976), he literally started driving a taxi for many months in order to get into his role! He is, without doubt, one of the best Hollywood method actors of all time!

5. Heath Ledger – Hollywood Method Actors

Heath Ledger Hollywood Method Actors
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We all know about the tragic death of this talented actor who got into the shoes of Clowned Prince of Gotham. Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker is literally nothing short of perfect. He even improvised many of his lines on the fly and added that tinge bit of madness which was required for the role.

6. Al Pacino – Hollywood Method Actors

Al Pacino Hollywood Method Actors
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Call him The Godfather and say hello to his little friend! Al Pacino has proven to be a Legend of Hollywood by giving us amazing performances over the last many decades.

We are sure there are many more actors deserving to be on this list and would love to hear from you in the comments about which Hollywood Method Actor you adore the most. If you like this post then make sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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