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A New Game Called Taharrush

Have you ever heard of a new game in the market called Taharrush? No? Seriously? You must read this article to know more about it. Well, we are known more for satirical articles, but we really thought this should be bought to everyone’s notice. Where the hell is humanity within us humans vanished? Wondering what am I talking about? Have a look at this video and then we shall continue ahead.


Now let us get to know what exactly Taharrush is:

The mass sexual assault of women in public has been documented in Egypt since 2005. Typically acting under the protective cover of large gatherings, assailants encircle a woman while outer rings of men deter rescuers. The attackers regularly pretend to be there to help the women, adding to the confusion. Women have reported being groped, stripped, beaten, bitten, penetrated with fingers and raped. The attacks have been described in Egypt as the “circle of hell.”

Mass sexual assault has played a controversial role in Egyptian politics. In May 2005 Egyptian security forces and their agents were blamed for using it during political demonstrations in Tahrir Square, Cairo, as a weapon against female protesters. The behavior spread, and by 2012 sexual assault by crowds of young men was regularly seen at protests and religious festivals in Egypt. Commentators say the attacks reflect a misogynist ideology that penalizes women for leaving the house, seeks to terrorize them out of public life, and views sexual violence as a source of shame for the victim, not the attacker.

“Taharrush Gamea”, an Arabic word which describes “Group Harrasment”, usually committed by young men during mass gatherings. In here, usually the inner circles attack the victim while the outer circle distracts the onlookers. This is not only happening in a few Muslim countries like Egypt but has also spread in developed countries like Europe.

Well, I really am speechless and furious at the same time. What the hell do these men think of us women? Are we just a sex toy? Why do you look at us in such a way that we are made only for your pleasure? Why do most of the times, women suffer from such assaults? Just because we are born with a vagina?

Listen up, Mister… We are not your slaves. We are not just sex toys to be used to fulfill your own fantasies. It surely is not about the way we dress or the way we walk or talk. But it certainly is about your MENtality. You are such piece of shit that you’d even end up molesting a 9-month old baby or rape a lady who is wearing a hijab. A new born, how did that little human aroused the devil in you? A woman covered in clothes form top to bottom, where did she show off her skin to excite you?

Even if I wear a hijab or roam naked on the streets, you bloody have no rights to touch me without my consent. CONSENT means permission. Let’s get one thing real straight right up your heads: JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A VAGINA, THAT LITERALLY DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL SHOW OFF THE DICKHEAD INSIDE YOU.  

We, as Tell me Nothing have no offence against any cast, creed, religion, color or God. We are just questioning humanity. We are afraid of the safety of our women. We respect Muslims as much as we respect any other religion. We have not particular grudges against anyone. We also know, not all males are the same. But don’t you think HUMANity is gone for a toss?

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Be a human, not just by following Salman Khan, but by protesting against the wrong.


Shweta Shah
Writer (almost) Logical by mind. Illogical by heart. A feeling that describes me: HIRAETH!

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