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Cowboy Starter Pack: Things You Need To Be A Cowboy

Yeeehawwww! Were you always fascinated by the concept of being a cowboy? Well, worry not! We bring to you the ultimate “Cowboy Starter Pack” for turning your dreams into reality! So without further ado, let’s get started!

Now we don’t know where your inspiration for being a cowboy is coming from so this post will be generalized for everyone. To be a cowboy it is very important to get that feel. To do so, you need to get into “Cowboy mode”. So, first of all you need to watch a lot of movies of this genre! Don’t worry, this starter pack isn’t restricted to just movies. It contains a whole lot of other cool stuff too, so let’s start with the movies first!

Cowboy Movies

There are plenty of movies of the “Spaghetti Western” genre. If you are thinking that somehow we are manipulating you into watching some food movies because of the “spaghetti” word in the genre then relax! That’s what this genre of movies are called. And one important thing, make sure you WHISTLE right! The very first movie on top of the list HAS to be hands down:

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Even if you haven’t seen this movie, we are quite confident that you must have heard this soundtrack countless times somewhere or the other. The tune is so catchy and moreover this movie is the perfect portrayal of the cool life of a cowboy as Clint Eastwood, the legend, plays the role of the man with no name.

For A Few Dollars More

Another Clint Eastwood flick, this movie is another classic Spaghetti Western Movie. MUST watch!

A Fistful Of Dollars

And again, Clint Eastwood starrer!

After you watch these movies come back to this article to read further. And if you already have watched these movies then congrats! You are Level 1 Cowboy ready! Let’s movie ahead. Now if you want to get into the shoes of a cowboy, that is exactly what you should do! Get yourself some cowboy attire! Let’s see what we can do here:

Cowboy Outfit

The very first thing every cowboy needs is a Cowboy hat! Let’s see where we can find one.


A hat is very essential for your outfit since that determines your entire look. We have handpicked some really cool cowboy hats for you to choose from Amazon. Take a look:


Another item you would need is a wild looking scarf for your perfect attire


You could go with any jeans essentially because almost every jean pair has a rough texture on it. But just to help you out here are some of our choices:


Your boots HAVE to be cool. Here you go:


A plaid or a plain shirt with some texture works just fine!


This is optional. You could style yourself as a sheriff with a suit or a jacket. Here are a few selections to choose from:

For your reference here are some images for you to style your look accordingly:

Image Source:

The classic cowboy look without a jacket

Image Source: Simply Fancy Dress UK

A more stylized look

And you are all set, now let’s see how you can actually become one!

To get into the shoes of an actual cowboy you need to experience the true environment of the Western genre. And guess what? You are in luck! Because you can do this by simply getting your hands on….

Cowboy Games

Not many games have been made on this genre and the ones that are made are nothing less than perfect! And for this we have only one recommendation:

Red Dead Redemption

This game is one of the most perfect examples of portrayal of the Wild West and you get to play as the protagonist John Marston. We will let the trailer do the talking:

You can buy this game for PS3 or Xbox 360 from here:

So that’s it folks! Hope you enjoyed this post and if you did then give us a like on our Facebook page. Also, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Have a nice day!

Nikhil Malankar
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