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An Open Letter To The Society About New Generation

How many of you are SRK fans here? I bet more than 80% people love him, and he deserves to be loved. After all, he has had a long journey from KKKKKKKKKiran to Kiran! He has delivered one of his finest performances in Dear Zindagi with his almost child like artist, Alia Bhatt. Almost each one of us could relate to the movie, especially to what Alia Bhatt felt like. My best friend saw this movie with her parents and they had just one thing to say, “There’s nothing wrong with the society. There’s something definitely wrong with this new generation!” Please explain, how and what is wrong with us?

Wondering why suddenly am I talking on this topic? Have a look at the video, first. It’s one of the deleted scenes from the movie Dear Zindagi. Hardly a 3 minute video. Must watch!

I hope now you’re getting me, as to why am I in a mood of killing many oldies today. I’d love to write an open letter to the society about this. And here we go:

Dear Society (Especially Sharma Aunty),

To hell with your greetings and regards. There’s something real important that I want to convey you, on behalf of our NEW GENERATION.

1. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being vocal:

You pressed your thoughts within you and shoved it up in that butt hole. But unlike you, we are different. We are absolutely vocal about everything. From periods to penis, from love to lust, from sleep to sex, from food to alcohol, from reliving childhood to losing virginity, from sanitary napkins to condoms and also from Brazilian waxing to masturbating. There is absolutely no shame, guilt or hesitation in sharing or discussing on such topics, openly. We do not whisper about such things anymore, because it is the harsh reality. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Image Courtesy : Imgur
Image Courtesy : Imgur

2. We know our responsibilities:

We are not to be blamed for every freaking thing happening in this universe. And there is another solution to everything than waking up early. Flight crashed, its because we were stuck to the computer all day long?! Terrorist attacked, its because we got up at 8:00 AM??!! The dish that you cooked is burnt, because we’re on mobile all day long???!!! Please get a life and stop interfering in our lives!

Image Courtesy: WiffleGif
Image Courtesy: WiffleGif

3. We are independent now:

We can book our own tickets, travel alone and even eat the entire medium size Cheese Burst Pizza, alone. And what’s a big deal in that? Stop taunting us on our faces and behind our backs, as well. If you act judgmental, we shall learn the same and apply the same on you. We are shameless assholes.

Image Courtesy : Tumblr
Image Courtesy : Tumblr

4. If we correct you, we are not rude:

If we correct you or participate in any family discussions, we are not rude at all. We are just keeping our opinions on the table, if and when asked for. The answer is mostly in a form of “Yes”, “Okay”, “As you say” or “No” We are just being on point and not wasting our another millisecond to give answers to useless questions like “Who is that guy? Are you dating him?”

Image Courtesy : the style compile
Image Courtesy : the style compile

5. We deserve equal respect as well:

We are humans first and then comes the age / gender factor. If you oldies fight for your rights, we can be vocal enough to fight for ours, too. What can we do? We can just shout. We have an entire gang out there in our support!

Image Courtesy : Tenor GIF Keyboard
Image Courtesy : Tenor GIF Keyboard

Society, the day you will understand these 5 points, every person on this planet will be able to breathe fresh air without pollution of thoughts.

Alia Bhatt, in the above video was being kind and polite. That oldie commented and he got his doze back. All we have to say is, do not judge us unnecessarily. Karan Johar, you must’ve added this video in the film. The entire theater would’ve applauded you, which you are not used to.

PS: Alia Bhatt, we love you for this one, all the more. 


Guys and girls, if someone turns out to be this irritating, he or she being a stranger or familiar, one suggestion… Do not hesitate to come back with a strong answer. Just break their faces with bricks and kill’em. Till then, keep on being vocal.


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Happy Vocal. Happy Reading. 🙂

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