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SMS Lingos That Needs To Be Stopped Using Right Away

We all have had a phase wherein we think something is really cool but it’s dumb as shit. During our teenage, we thought smoking was something that impressed girls, but that’s absolutely false. Nowadays, girls asking for a light seem to be cooler and are trending in such a way that it has become a skill set in their resume. But coming back to the point, guys and girls who fall in between 16-25 years please understand there is something called pure English. Do not adulterate English by using SMS lingos. Trust us, we feel decoding a terrorist message would be much easier, productive and worth the time and efforts rather than decoding your weird short forms. We are done playing “Guess the Abbreviations” game a long time ago. All the Grammar-Nazis out there, I can bet on my life that you certainly will agree with us on this. Here are some examples of SMS slang that people use which literally seems so much alien than Greek and Latin:

1. WUD!? – SMS Lingo

This is the most common and number one short forms used by every second person. This means “What You Doing?” Seriously, guys? Why would you ask someone “WUD” and not “What Are You Doing?” I’ve had many such experiences where the guy looks charming enough, but the moment he sends me a text, it feels like I should dig a grave for myself!

*Time to leave Earth*


Image Courtesy : Pinterest
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

2. HRU!? – SMS Lingo

No, wait. There’s more to go before you lose your patience. The abbreviation for “HRU” means “How Are You?” Yes, people have asked me “HRU” and I suddenly developed a brain tumor. (Oh! You got one, too? Don’t blame me.)

*Digs two graves. One for me and one for Oxford Dictionary*



Image Courtesy :
Image Courtesy :

3. WRU!!?? – SMS Lingo

Wait, what?? This is actually sounding like something in Hebrew. When decoded after using Research and Analysis Wing’s (RAW) help, we finally concluded this slang abbreviates as “Where Are You?”

*Why you do this to me, Jesus?!*


Image Courtesy : Digital Point Forums
Image Courtesy : Digital Point Forums

4. MAH!!!!! – SMS Lingo

No, we’re not talking in the scientific aspect. This does not mean mill ampere-hour. This means “MY” in a language from a different universe. Still didn’t get it?

Example: “Mah (MY) life. Mah (MY) rules.”

*Stabbing myself in chest with a knife*


Image Courtesy : Papers Pens and Peridot
Image Courtesy : Papers Pens and Peridot

5. KEWL????? – SMS Lingo

Noooo, please don’t jump off that cliff. At lease read this? “Kewl” in normal and sane English means “Cool”

Need another example? “How KEWL is that!”

*Jumps off the same cliff that you were planning to, a moment ago*


Image Courtesy : Pinterest
Image Courtesy : Pinterest



All of the above mentioned stupid slang have been tried and tested on me. I have no idea how am I still alive! Can anybody please explain me how did you utilize those 2 seconds of your life by not typing the exact proper word?

Guys and girls, just one advice: More you use the normal language; higher are the chances to impress the opposite person, regardless of the gender.

And if you’ve used any of such lingos in your resumes or examination papers, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY SCREWED!


If any of these lingos or something more worse has been tried and tested on you, do remove your frustration by sharing with us in the comments below. Our condolences are with you.


Happy Reading!

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